Elton John made Metallica’s James Hetfield cry with a single comment. What did he say?

Elton John made Metallica’s James Hetfield cry with a single comment. What did he say?

We know very well that no one is more expert than you when we talk about music, that Metallica are sold out, they are not metal and that they have not released “anything good” since “And Justice for All”, or was it since Cliff died?

But while you enjoy the same 3 TRVE metal groups that “no one else knows”, Metallica celebrates 40 years of career and 30 of the Black Album, which surely your friend TRVE who has never picked up a musical instrument or barely plays power chords tuned in Drop C for his underground metal band he despises with all his being, on the other hand we have Elton John, who made James Hetfield, vocalist and founder of Metallica, shed tears after the acclaimed songwriter said that “Metallica is not a band of Heavy Metal ”, but before you get up from your chair to applaud him, this is the only point that your opinion and that of Sir Elton have in common, as he continued giving a beautiful speech about the phenomenon represented by the San Francisco band and specifically regarding his collaboration with Miley Cyrus with ‘Nothing Else Matters’:

“That idea came from Andrew Watt, who produced the track and played the guitar.” John stated when talking about how they adapted the guitar intro on piano, continuing with; “I want you to start the song and finish it, because I don’t want it to start with the guitar, because that’s how the original album started.”

ATTENTION: The following statement may be offensive to anyone who claims that Metallica is crap after Master of Puppets, as Sir Elton John claims that ‘Nothing Else Matters’ is one of the greatest songs ever written:

“Listen, to me this is one of the best songs ever written,” John continued. «It is a song that never goes out of style. And playing on this track, he couldn’t wait. The chord structure, the melodies, the time changes, it has drama written all over it. ”

Miley Cyrus hugging Elton John

Surely you and your friend TRVE have much more career and musical knowledge than this composer, active since 1969, decorated Sir and highly respected musician in the middle, however, by this point, the words of Elton John had already moved Hetfield, because It was at that moment that, in a similar state of shock, he began to cry and, so that there is no lack of full arguments in your comments about why you know more about music than Sir Elton, the legendary composer classified Metallica as musical ices:

“I have to say, it was a no-brainer to play this song. Metallica is probably the the best of the best of those kinds of bands. You can’t really define them. They are not a heavy metal band. They are a musical band. His songs are not just heavy metal. They are beautiful songs. This is such a melodic song, it’s fucking great, actually. ”

The words of Elton John resonate, because yes, Metallica goes far beyond a Metal band and proof of this is The Metallica Blacklist, which yes, has the terrible “cover” of J Balvin, however it includes HUGE songs like the collaboration by Elton John alongside Miley Cyrus with ‘Nothing Else Matters’.


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Elton John made Metallica’s James Hetfield cry with a single comment. What did he say?