John Lasseter’s Toy Story, what did the critics say about this classic?

John Lasseter’s Toy Story, what did the critics say about this classic?

In the history of cinema, being as wide as it is, there are a handful of endearing films that, as time goes by, acquire greater flavor for the cinephile, as if it were a good wine. This is the case of Toy Story – 100% John Lasseter. For Woody and Buzz Lightyear, time has not passed. The saga of Toy Story, of which the first episode came out in 1995, remains a reference in animated films. For children it is clear, but also for their parents. Its graphics and the magic of its story – toys that come to life every time Andy, an eight-year-old boy, leaves his room – are still enjoyed with the same pleasure. A pleasure that promises to revive soon with the premiere of the fourth installment of the saga. But what is the reason for such success?

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Distributed in theaters 29 years ago (1995), Toy Story It is the first feature film made with computer graphics. The result on the big screen is innovative and spectacular. In short, revolutionary. Textures appear sharper, more natural light. Thanks to the realistic settings (Andy’s bedroom, the pizzeria…), it is easy to immerse the audience in the Toy Story universe.

That turn in the making of animated films was possible thanks to the alliance of the giant Disney with the Pixar studios, at that time, chaired by Steve Jobs. For its realization the team was made up of hundreds of artists, engineers and animators. “At the time none of us knew what he was doing. We had no production experience except for a few short films and commercials. We were rookies then, “he explained in 2015 Ed Catmull, who was then a programming engineer and is currently the president of Walt Disney Animation Studios, for Magazine Time.

But what makes a movie successful, first of all, is its script. Far from princess stories, Toy Story explored different emotions for a children’s movie. It all started with a history of rivalry. Woody the cowboy, Andy’s favorite doll, is faced with a new toy: Buzz Lightyear, a man from space, somewhat arrogant. Completely opposite, or almost. Already wrapped in their adventures, the two toys will form bonds of friendship. They will make us laugh at the same time that they will move us.

The creator of Toy Story John Lasseter, at the end of 2018, he was accused of sexual abuse. Thus implicated by the feminist movement MeToo, in its Hollywood aspect, where other great names from the Mecca of cinema have been pointed out, such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Thereafter, John Lasseter was separated from his positions as creative director of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, as well as separated from projects in which he was directly involved (such as Frozen 2 – 80% y Toy Story 4 – 96%) during the investigation of said accusation. There is no doubt about his enormous talent and his love for animated cinema, of which he has already left a legacy: the Toy Story saga.

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Here is a review of what critics have said about the film 24 years after its release:

Michael Rechtshaffen en Hollywood Reporter:

A very well written instant classic, wherever you look at it.

Derek Malcom on Guardian:

The rivalry between Woody the cowboy and Buzz the astronaut plays out as a direct parallel to every other family feud and it is this sense of unity that the film gives its punch.

Amy Nicholson en BoxOffice Magazine:

I think I speak for all adults and children when I say that I can’t wait to play.

Derek Adams and Time Out:

So ingenious in concept, design and execution that you could see it on a postage stamp-sized screen and still be engulfed in its charm.

Andrew Powder and Guardian:

His lightness of touch has not diminished, nor his close and miraculous white humor.

David baron on Times-Picayune:

(Tom) Hanks doesn’t just say his lines, he gives a great performance.

Tom Charity en Times (UK):

Seeing it in 3-D doesn’t make much of a difference … but it’s a joy to see these great movies again on the big screen, even after dozens of times viewed on DVD.

Rachel Wagner on Rachel Review:

Toy Story gives us some of the best characters in movie history.

Shaun Munro en What Culture:

For an entire generation of filmmakers, it could represent the most significant leap in storytelling they will ever see …

Nell Minow en Common Sense Media:

The Pixar classic is one of the best kids movies of all time.

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John Lasseter’s Toy Story, what did the critics say about this classic?