Keanu Reeves and the 10 secrets to be successful and happy

Keanu Reeves and the 10 secrets to be successful and happy

Keanu Reeves He is something special, he is one of the most respected and successful actors in Hollywood, everyone wants to work with him and he is having a great time in his career with the sequels of Bill y Ted, Matrix y John Wick, But he hasn’t let any of that go to his head or make him think that success and happiness are a matter of luck.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk y Bill Gates They have their keys to being the best in business, but Keanu Reeves follows a different path that has helped him go from an icon of the 80s to an icon of the 90s to one of the greatest actors of today, who is also admired by millions of people because he leads a quiet, austere life (although he is fanatics of motorcycles) and with a particular philosophy that has turned out very well.

The protagonist of films like Speed y Matrix has a fortune of more than 300 million dollars (and that will surely grow when the two films that are missing from the saga of John Wick), but he has said many times that money is not his main motivation and focusing on that alone is not exactly a good technique to be successful happy throughout life.

A Keanu Reeves we admire him for his calm, for his chivalry (he doesn’t even touch his fans when they ask for photos), for the long list of iconic movies (including Point break, My Own Private Idaho y Dracula de Bram Stoker), but also for all the ancient wisdom that he has imparted to the world (he is immortal, he has learned many things in his life and does not hesitate to share them with the rest of us).

Keanu Reeves at the Oscars

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Which are the keys of the actor to achieve success and happiness? There are 10 and they are very simple.

Money is not everything

Participating in the best movie sagas has undoubtedly added a few zeros to the fortune of Reeves, who has a net worth of around 360 million dollars, but the actor says that has enough money for “many lives” and who prefers to enjoy life and not think about opening a bank account. Not thinking about money is what allows you to participate in the projects you like without thinking about what will happen at the box office.

Reeves accepted a 90% reduction in his salary for The Replacement so they could hire Gene Hackman, and a reduction of 2 million per The Devil´s Advocate so they could hire Al Pacino.

Focus on work

One of the reasons why Reeves He’s so successful as an actor that he’s really dedicated and, when he’s working, he focuses on that and doesn’t let anything distract him. According Francis LawrenceReeves, Constantine’s manager, is friendly, very reserved and hardworking.

Commits to what he does

Most of the directors who have worked with Reeves They say that not only does he focus on what he does, he really commits to what he is doing and tries harder than many other actors to ensure that he will do his best, no matter if he has to prepare for a whole year, learn a new skill. or change your look radically to achieve it.

Be generous

Success goes hand in hand with gratitude and Reeves He demonstrates this through generosity, but always without trying to draw attention to what he is doing. The actor has donated millions to children’s hospitals and various charities, something he has in common with some of the most successful men in the world, such as Bill Gates.

No scandals

A scandal can damage your image and your career, so Reeves He avoids them like the plague, keeping his personal life private, avoiding too much sharing, and staying out of trouble.


The actor has gone through some difficult moments, but he has not allowed himself to be defeated by them, he finds a way to move on, to keep working and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. A tragedy can destroy you if you let it, but the key to being happy and successful is learning to overcome every obstacle.

Is good with others

There is not a single person who has worked with Keanu Reeves Saying that the actor was misbehaved, rude, or troublesome has helped him build good relationships and land the best jobs. According to reports, Reeves treats his companions well, but also the entire film crew, it is even said that he usually invites people with the lowest salaries on set to eat.

Your work matters to you

It is not only about getting good projects and making money, but about making sure that everything goes as it should. Reeves He does not hesitate to reduce his salary, to fight for a fair treatment for other actors and to give everything so that each project becomes the best.

He has his feet on the ground

This is not an actor who lets fame go to his head, leads a simple life, treats everyone who crosses his path well and does not spend millions of dollars on unnecessary luxuries, this not only allows him to do Well your job, but to enjoy the best things in life.

His way of dealing with rumors

Reeves does not make a storm every time there is a rumor about him, he prefers to take them with a little humor and stop them in an effective way. For example, when the rumor began to circulate that he had married David Geffen, Reeves He said that “For a time, people said that David and I had gotten married. That blew me away. Not because they thought he was gay, but because they thought he could get a guy like David. “

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Keanu Reeves and the 10 secrets to be successful and happy