Leonardo DiCaprio is criticized in networks for taking the role of Mads Mikkelsen in the remake of Another Round

Leonardo DiCaprio is criticized in networks for taking the role of Mads Mikkelsen in the remake of Another Round

One more round – 96% won the award for Best International Film and social media users were delighted. But the joy fell a bit when an American remake of the film with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role was recently announced. Deadline reported this morning that the story of Another Round It will be recreated in a Hollywood production, a fact that sparked criticism against Leo, who intends to take the role played by Mads Mikkelsen. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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Another Round is the story of four friends, all high school teachers, who make the decision to test a theory which holds that as long as certain levels of alcohol are maintained in the blood they may be able to improve their lives. But things get complicated when they get involved in a vortex of alcoholism that, after bringing some benefits to their lives, leads to unfortunate situations. The film received very positive reviews and was well received during its festival screenings. The excellent work earned him the Oscar for Best International Film.

But the United States, specifically Hollywood, is back with another remake that no one requested. After exhausting themselves to exhaustion reading the subtitles of Parasites, some producers in the American industry have made the decision to make their own version of Another Round with Leonardo Dicaprio to the head. It is worth mentioning that this plan was already on wheels long before the Danish film took the Oscar last night and that its success in the ceremony only confirmed the inevitable. The remake will be produced through the company of DiCaprio, Appian Way, along with a handful of other companies.

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Another Round It was directed by Thomas Vinterberg, who was the person who took the stage last night to take the statuette for Best International Film. The Danish filmmaker dedicated the award to his daughter Ida, who died in a car accident just four days after filming began. The tragedy prompted some changes to the script, becoming a story that actually celebrates life and resilience. Another Round competed against Quo vadis, Aida? – 100%, The Man Who Sold His Skin, Better Days and Collective – 100%.

It is not the first time Leonardo Dicaprio gets involved in a remake. Let’s remember that in 2006 he participated in Los Infiltrados – 91%, a film directed by Martin Scorsese that worked as a remake of Infernal Affairs (2002). The American version took home the Oscars for Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing, and surely that is the spread of those involved in the remake of Another Round: turning the Hollywood film into a big winner of awards season. DiCaprio He is a very capable actor, so seeing him immersed in alcohol could be an interesting experience (remember his performance full of excesses in The Wolf Of Wall Street – 78%).

Mads Mikkelsen He is no stranger to Hollywood. Although he is a foreigner, the actor has been present in many productions in the United States and has a solid base of followers who respect his work, or fans who dedicate themselves to making fancams and idolize him as the superstar that he is. Do youLeonardo Dicaprio may match or exceed your performance in Another Round? We’ll find out when the movie hits theaters in the future. At the moment no tentative date has been revealed for the start of recordings, much less for the premiere, so we will have to wait a bit until we have news.

Here are some posts that criticize the remake of Another Round with Leonardo Dicaprio:

Man, Hollywood thinks that removing the subtitles is concept enough that it deserves an adaptation. I want to release Amelie, but without subtitles. GIVE ME MY MILLION DOLLARS PLEASE.

Good, but Mads Mikkelsen can remake Titanic.

When I heard they are doing an American remake of Another Round: ‘that was rude.’

I AM LAUGHING. Seeing people’s reactions to Mads Mikkelsen’s replacement in the Another Round remake is a lot of fun. NOBODY wants this.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is criticized in networks for taking the role of Mads Mikkelsen in the remake of Another Round