Nirvana Health Clinic expands its network of medical cannabis dispensaries

Nirvana Health Clinic expands its network of medical cannabis dispensaries
Nirvana Health Clinic

The Law to Manage the Study, Development and Research of Cannabis for Innovation, Applicable Standards and Limits, known as the MEDICINAL Law (Law number 42 of July 8, 2017), opened the doors to a natural alternative to relieve the symptoms caused. for certain debilitating conditions, but also for the birth of many companies on the island.

Among these is Nirvana Health Clinic, a medical cannabis dispensary with the motto “Breathe Happiness”. This company is the main project of José I. Zorrilla Vázquez, businessman and financial advisor, and Damián A. Vilá Zorrilla, businessman, who combined their knowledge and aspirations to establish the Nirvana Health Clinic dispensaries.

Nirvana Health Clinic

The first town was inaugurated on September 4, 2018 in Hato Rey, San Juan. This was followed by the opening of the dispensary in Los Paseos, located on Las Cumbres avenue in Cupey in 2019, and another in Palmas Station in Cataño, inaugurated in 2020.

José Daniel González Santiago, general manager of Nirvana Health Clinic, stated that the dispensary’s mission is to “provide patients with the best high-quality medicinal cannabis products, and maintain a variety of products for them, to handle the different conditions” . Similarly, he stressed that the focus of these dispensaries is aimed at providing an excellent service for patients.

Nirvana Health Clinic belongs to the group known as the Colectivo Puertorriqueño de Dispensarios, a project that began in mid-2019 and is chaired by Zorrilla Vázquez. González Santiago explained that this initiative seeks that independent dispensaries can make purchases and manufacture of quality products at affordable prices for both the establishments and their patients. Regarding this, he stressed that the Colectivo Puertorriqueño de Dispensarios – which currently has 12 members and 24 dispensaries – had its development at Nirvana Health Clinic, since the initiative was created by Zorrilla Vázquez.

At this time, the atmosphere at Nirvana Health Clinic is one of celebration, as they will soon open three new dispensaries: one in the town of Corozal, another in Vega Alta, and one in Bayamón. The dispensary team expressed their appreciation, as in three years they have been able to grow and expand their operations.

This, he said, has been possible thanks to the support and positive reception that the patients have given them.

“The task of opening new locations has been extremely gratifying. The opening of these dispensaries is evidence that with the passing of time we have succeeded in our team sowing that seed of empathy and service to our patients, and thus creating that positive brand so that they continue to reach our dispensaries, ”said González Santiago.

It also stated that the success is also due to a strong policy of patient education.

“At Nirvana we support and encourage them to continue their education about medical cannabis and how different debilitating conditions can be managed. We have a team of budtenders very knowledgeable and passionate about what medical cannabis is, and that is what supports us as a brand to serve better. It is taking a step further and really giving you the opportunity to know what the situation of each patient is, why they come, and give them solutions that really work for them, “said the general manager.

To learn more about the products and services, you can visit the Nirvana Health Clinic Facebook page or your @nirvanahealthclinic Instagram account.

You can also access the social networks of the Colectivo Puertorriqueño de Dispensarios on Facebook and Instagram.


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Nirvana Health Clinic expands its network of medical cannabis dispensaries