The Doors: half a century without Jim Morrison

The Doors: half a century without Jim Morrison

In April 1971 “LA Woman” was released, the sixth and last album by the American band The Doors, formed in 1965, one of the most fascinating groups in psychedelic rock, formed by Jim Morrison, Robby warrior, Ray Manzarek and John Desmore.

The Doors, Jim Morrison

Three months later, on the night of July 2 to 3, Jim Morrison – musician, composer and singer, who had announced his retirement from the stage, was dedicated to writing, had published two books, one of poems, and found himself on probation pending appeal sentence, for a concert on March 1, 1969, in Miami, where Jim, completely drunk, told the public that he was asking for more that he was going to show them his penis (although there was no evidence that did it) – he died drowned in the bathtub of the Parisian home he shared with his partner, Pamela Courson.

Officially a cardiac arrest was certified, but both his death and the subsequent burial, on July 7, in the Père Lachaise cemetery, were surrounded by a mystery, perhaps unnecessary, that elevated him to the status of a “cursed artist” and blessed his entry into the select «club de los 27», to which other musicians such as Jimmi Hendrix, Brian Jones and Janis Joplin, all died of various overdoses at the age of twenty-seven.

To this day, Jim Morrison’s grave, where flowers are not usually lacking, remains one of the most visited by tourists from all over the world.

In Morrison’s case, many years later, in 2014, the British singer Marianne Faitfull, ex-girlfriend of rollingstone Mick Jagger, publicly confirmed that the death was due to “a dose of heroin too strong”, provided by who was then his partner, Jean de Breteuil, a well-known personage of the Parisian night who took advantage of the advantage of being the son of a diplomat to pass drugs that he later sold in the nightclubs of the French capital.

In 1973, two years after Morrison’s death, The Doors disbanded after releasing two more albums that were unsuccessful. In 1978, the remaining members came together to compose musical pieces that served as melodic support for the recordings of poems written by Morrison in 1970, which were released on an album entitled “An American Prayer: Jim Morrison” and which was definitely the last. which appeared as belonging to The Doors and Jim Morrison.

From “LA Woman”, “Riders On The Storm” is one of the legendary songs of the band. Morrison’s cavernous voice, a soothing melody and the rising growl of a storm, are put at the service of the poetry of the American Hart Crane.

Morrison was a good poet, a very personal voice, and a man beset by a beauty that made him uncomfortable. He started drinking to refuse to be the sex symbol they wanted to turn him into. He drank until he became uncontrollable, to cause incidents at concerts to the point that there were places where they refused to hire The Doors for fear of scandal.

After the recording of “LAWoman”, Jim Morrison said goodbye to his companions and went into exile in Paris, while this latest album became a myth. As a tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of his disappearance, his sister, Anne Morrison Chewning, has written the foreword to the book “Jim Morrison – Anthologie” to be published in France by Massot Editions: 580 pages with photos, unpublished song texts, drawings, recordings and the synopsis of the experimental film “The Hitchhiker (An American Pastoral)”, a fifty-minute short film, shot in 1969 in the Mojave Desert and in Los Angeles, with Jim Morrison as a hitchhiker reciting poems.

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The Doors: half a century without Jim Morrison