The half-zip sweater, like Richard Gere’s, is the basic you need

The half-zip sweater, like Richard Gere’s, is the basic you need

The half zipper sweater It never stopped being a trend, but now it seems that it is everywhere and it is time for you to have one (or several) in your closet.

There are some pieces of men’s fashion that are timeless, which never go out of style and make you look good with a few adjustments, including straight cut jeans, bomber jackets, button-down cardigan (which was one of the favorites of Kurt Cobain) and the half-zip sweater which, as the name suggests, has a front zip that reaches chest height.

We know, or we should all know, that fashion is cyclical and some things come back from time to time, and now it seems that the half zipper sweater (or its version in a sweatshirt) is going through its best time. And it’s not exactly new Richard Gere he used one in the 1980 movie, American Gigolo, where he played the character who has best managed the Smart Casual style in the history of mankind.

Now what Disney Plus rescued some of his forgotten classics, we can also see the impact and power of the half-zipper sweater as a casual piece in the 1966 film That Ugly Dachshund who has some offensive stereotype issues, but introduces us to a main character who combines a version of this garment with a pair of corduroy pants and classic canvas tennis shoes, thus achieving a preppy look that is laid-back while still being cool.

The magic of the half zipper sweater is that it has a lot of nostalgia and a classic style that looks good under a jacket, with a jacket or alone, it works with jeans, chinos, formal pants or pants and you can wear a shirt underneath for a style. a little more formal. It really is like the navaja Swiss Army out of your closet and it’s one of those transitional pieces that save your life in those months when it’s not so cold anymore, but you can’t go out with a simple t-shirt either.

How do you wear the half zipper sweater today?

It’s time to flip the classics and give them a more current spin so you don’t get caught up in the past.

American Gigolo

According Richard Gere playing Julian Kaye in American Gigolo, the half zipper sweater is the perfect layer to wear under a blazer. You can wear it with a t-shirt underneath or with a button-down shirt for a slightly smarter look, combine them with chinos or jeans for an elegant and informal look at the same time. The look is completed with a pair of Derby style shoes in black or brown (it depends on the color of the clothes you wear) for a style that works in all kinds of situations.

Classic preppy

For the preppy style you have to think about Mark Garrison from The Ugly Dachshund, who wears a gray half-zipper sweatshirt, and with some paint stains, combined with camel-colored corduroy pants, finishing his look with white tennis shoes for that timeless casual style, which can be seen a little more formal that doesn’t compromise on comfort or style.


Frank Ocean at the Met Gala

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The half-zip sweatshirt (or jacket) It has been around for generations and is still basic today. For a sporty look you can combine it with some basic pants (which can be more colorful if you keep the sweatshirt in a neutral tone, like gray) and a pair of athleisure tennis shoes. Being a retro garment, you can combine with sneakers inspired by the sports designs of the 70s or 80s, such as New Balance or a pair of Nike Cortez.

And the sporty can always be combined with the formal if you need it.

The fleece

For a more modern look, you can do like Thimothée Chalamet and use a half zipper fleece in colorful tones. This style is best for winter and is inspired by the looks of mountaineers who needed a little more protection in the cold. If you’re not going to climb, you can wear a colorful version with a pair of jeans and combat boots or a pair of tennis shoes.

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The half-zip sweater, like Richard Gere’s, is the basic you need