The oasis of Huacachina in Peru impressive natural beauty and legend

The oasis of Huacachina in Peru impressive natural beauty and legend

Peru continues to be one of the great attractions of South America and still offers us the Huacachina lagoon in Ica. Another of the Peruvian regions that you should include in your next trip to South America. If you like discovering new places, living experiences of contact with nature … Maybe you are passionate about forgetting the tedium of big cities. Note that you are going to love Huacachina. It is an impressive oasis of great beauty and a protected area, where you can relax, enjoy the views, and nature.

The city of Ica in the department of Ica

In the center of Peru is the city of Ica. It is the capital of the department of the same name. In a green valley where the Ica river meanders. And between the so-called Great Tablazo de Ica and nothing less than the Andes mountain range. In this environment of exuberant natural beauty is this oasis, a sample of the natural beauty of South America.

The region where the city and the department of Ica are located, has a hot and dry climate. Summers are not usually excessively hot and winters are cold, but without being extreme. Sandstorms abound in this region.

The city has had to withstand some natural phenomena such as an earthquake. But it retains its beauty of a rural town. During your stay in the capital, you can admire the Municipal Palace, with a Town Hall decorated with ornamental wooden figures in high relief that represent the seasons of the year. And a huge canvas of a passage from the proclamation of Peruvian independence.

The old cathedral of Ica from the 18th century was the seat of the Society of Jesus. In a beautiful neoclassical style, it also has a pulpit and a baroque altar.

view of huacachina in ica peru

Much visited by locals and strangers, the Sanctuary of the Lord of Luren, in neoclassical style, houses the Patron Saint of Ica. However, it was damaged by an earthquake years ago and its demolition is imminent. The ancient cultures that inhabited Ica, such as the Nasca, Huari, Ica and Inca can be admired in the Adolfo Bermúdez Jenkins Regional Museum. In the Museum of Stones a great of mysterious engraved stones is exhibited.

Also in Ica you can admire the well-known Casona del Marqués de Torre Hermosa, which dates back to the viceroyalty. A magnificent rococo construction known in the city as Casa Bolívar. Also from the viceregal era, the Casona Mendiola, Cachiche, the palm tree with the seven heads, are mandatory stops during your stay in this city in the interior of Peru.

Impressive oasis of Huacachina

huacachina oasis

And if the city is a beautiful city in rural Peru, and the environment of great beauty, the oasis of Huacachina is no less so. This is very close to the city. Huacachina, is an impressive destination with sand dunes that is very visited today. Mostly for those who like water sports.

The Huacachina oasis is located in the coastal desert area of ​​the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by tall, beautiful palm trees that contribute in part to the green waters. They also owe their color to underground currents. The vegetation in the place is abundant between palm trees and eucalyptus. No one who has seen this splendid oasis can deny that it is a beautiful paradise in Peru.

huacachina desert in peru

The oasis of Huacachina, in addition to a climate that is delicious in any season, warm and sunny. Its waters are attributed curative effects. This is a destination that will allow you to relax to the maximum, since you only take advantage of walking along the boardwalk. That you can also enjoy the views. Touring the lagoon in a pedal boat is really fantastic.

You can also enjoy the emblematic pisco during your stay in the Ica and Huacanchina areas. There are many options for tours of the vineyard area. But what you will like the most without a doubt, is a walk through the dunes. Where you can really see fantastic views of this area of ​​South America.

It is very popular to do sandboarding on the dunes of the Huacachina desert. Rent a buggy and do the tour with a guide through the dunes. There are many more activities carried out by tourist agencies in the area. And that you can also take advantage of from the city of Ica. Some contemplate connecting this city, the oasis and other nearby regions.

Amazing landscapes in a place of legend

huacachina dunes

As often happens in many places, Huacanchina is also surrounded by legend. The locals tell the legend that has passed from generation to generation. About a princess of great beauty named Huacca China admired and sought after by all men. And that to enjoy the bath he took refuge in a distant place next to a tree. Where she stayed alone because no one knew the place. But the day came that a man from other places, who she saw through her mirror, discovered her and approached, which frightened the princess. And she fled but her clothes got tangled in a tree and turned into dunes.

She kept running until she tripped again and her mirror broke into pieces, turning into a lagoon, where she submerged and was transformed into a mermaid.

the oasis of huacachina in ica peru

Huaccachina goes out every night to mourn her misfortune. And he used to surprise foreigners to dazzle them and drown them in the deepest part of the lagoon. Huacca China means “the woman who cries”. Your next visit to Peru or that long-overdue trip should include a stay in Ica and a visit to the Huacachina oasis.

Not far from Ica, is the Morón Lagoon, another oasis near the town of Bernales, in the Humay district, Pisco province, Ica department. This has an area of ​​300 meters long by 150 meters wide and 8 meters deep. And it houses a great variety of flora and fauna such as fish and birds. Because there are many more reasons than just seeing Peru, discovering the impressive oasis of Huacachina and Morón. What do you say, do you dare to know this wonderful oasis that is Huacachina?

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The oasis of Huacachina in Peru impressive natural beauty and legend