this is the Netflix sci-fi movie with Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan

this is the Netflix sci-fi movie with Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan

Adam Sandler is about to embark on a journey to the stars in a movie for Netflix. The fetish actor of the streaming platform will be the protagonist of Spaceman, an odyssey of ambition and self-discovery that will adapt audiovisual The Bohemian Astronaut (Andanzas Collection), a novel by Jaroslav Kalfar which has been compared to the work of acclaimed writers Haruki Murakami and Milan Kundera. Swedish Johan Renck, winner of two Emmy for Chernobyl, will be the project manager. Carey Mulligan, Paul Dano and Kunal Nayyar They complete the main cast of the film.

The short filmmaker Colby Day It has been released in the cinema with the challenging adaptation of a novel intimately related to the history of Czechoslovakia before it was transformed into the Czech Republic, a detail that will be lost or transformed in its film version. The movie, previously called Spaceman in Bohemia, will be produced by Channing Tatum, an actor who has been absent from the screen since 2017 and who has produced about twenty films in the last decade.

The synopsis of Jaroslav Kalfar’s novel is, to say the least, curious. Orphaned since he was a child and raised in rural Czechoslovakia by his grandparents under difficult circumstances, Jakub Procházka is a young astrophysicist prepared to become the most famous astronaut in his country. When a dangerous mission to Venus gives him the opportunity to proclaim himself a national hero, Jakub does not hesitate to accept the challenge. If leaving his wife behind already plunges him into uncertainty, being completely alone in the vastness of the universe, he cannot avoid being visited by some ghosts from the past. In a dreamlike atmosphere in which the intergalactic meets the everyday, nothing seems decided beforehand.

‘The Bohemian Astronaut’.


Adam Sandler was the first major Hollywood star to become a millionaire exclusivity agreement with Netflix in 2014. Since then, the streaming service has released the comedies The Ridiculous 6, Criminals at Sea, The Do-Over, Hubbie’s Halloween and Sandy Wexler, all of them vehicles at the service of the actor of Great Dad. The company also acquired The Meyerowitz Stories, the movie of Noah Baumbach in which Sandler played the son of Dustin Hoffman, and the internationally acclaimed premiere Rough diamonds. Spaceman will continue vein of these collaborations closer to the drama, a territory that the actor had already traveled in drunk with love and Somewhere in memory.

Carey Mulligan, who will play Sandler’s wife on Spaceman, is another old acquaintance on the platform. The English actress appeared in Mudbound, the movie of Des Rees nominated for 4 Oscars; The excavation, the British historical drama premiered this January and in which it shared the scene with Ralph Fiennes; Collateral, the limited series of the BBC where she played a London detective, and Maestro, the second film as director of Bradley Cooper which will focus on the figure of the legendary composer Leonard Bernstein.

The last to join the project have been Paul Dano and Kunal Nayyar. The actor of Pequeña Miss Sunshine and Wells of Ambition already worked with Mulligan on What burns with fire, his first film as a director. Spaceman It will be Kunal Nayyar’s first major film project, which we saw in nearly 300 episodes of The Big Bang Theory between 2007 and 2019.

‘Spaceman’ will be released soon on Netflix.

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this is the Netflix sci-fi movie with Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan