Zack Snyder fans criticize DC FanDome 2021 show for not including director

Zack Snyder fans criticize DC FanDome 2021 show for not including director

We live in a strange world. No, I am not saying this because of the strange events that have occurred in recent years in international politics. I say this because a miracle literally happened in Hollywood: Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%

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It is the first time that a studio has allowed a director to return to a film that he had abandoned years before due to personal issues and conflicts with the producers as to the direction the film should take. And not only that, but the study spent additional millions to create this new version closer to the wishes of the director than of the executives. It is something unprecedented. If it could happen, it’s because Warner realized that there was an audience for the Snyder Cut and that she could translate into subscribers for HBO Max. It’s no secret to anyone that what makes a streaming system survive isn’t just the old series and movies that customers love. No. They are the new exclusives that everyone is dying to see. Disney knew it and that is why it has launched and will launch Star Wars and Marvel series that are part of the canon of its films.

HBO Max was missing a similar title and they didn’t hesitate to approach Zack Snyder so they could launch their version of Justice League – 41%. The original plan was to get it out without investing a penny, but when the director told them this was impossible, they invested an additional $ 70 million.

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On October 16, the DC FanDome will take place. Warner already announced it and they also already said about which franchises announcements can be expected. Needless to say, the Snyder Cut is not one of them, much less Zack Snyder. Both the director and Warner have made it clear that this ship has already sailed. However, fans have not lost hope. The proof of this is that the #RestoretheSnyderverse became a trend after the announcement of this convention.

That’s right, the very angry Snyder fans ran to Twitter to express their anger at the absence of their favorite director from the DC FanDome. Here are the best tweets that make it clear that there are fans who want to see the SnyderVerse restored:

El DC FanDome de Zack Snyder

#RestoreTheSnyderVerse is more trending than DC FanDome

Don’t blame Snyderverse supporters for the division of DC’s fandom, blame Warner Bros.

No #RestoreTheSnyderVerse or #ReleaseTheAyerCut? There is no DC FanDome for me.

There will be no Ray Fisher, no Ben Affleck, no Henry Cavill, no Gal Gadot … Apparently they don’t want me to see it.

What made the DC FanDome epic last year was the fact that Zack Snyder and his original version of Justice League were there. Also, the poster is horrible.

In light of the premiere of the DCFanDome trailer, #RestoreTheSnyderVerse is trend number one again as fans are campaigning for Zacks Snyder to complete his Snyderverse, allowing him to finish his plans for the DCEU, which They include Justice League 2 and 3.

On October 16 I will be supporting #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, but I will also be enjoying the DCFandome to the fullest. I want the Snyderverse to be part of this new DC world that is on the way. I’m not against any DC project, but with so much variety why can’t the Snyderverse be accepted as well.

The amount of disrespect on that poster exceeds all limits. I understand that they put Battinson there, because there is a Batman movie coming out, which excites me, by the way. I like Tyler’s Superman, but Henry’s Superman is still the official DCEU Superman, right? And my buddy Wonder fucking Woman. There is no other life.

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Zack Snyder fans criticize DC FanDome 2021 show for not including director