Amber Heard wants to capitalize on her judicial victory against Johnny Depp | People

Amber Heard wants to capitalize on her judicial victory against Johnny Depp |  People

The United Kingdom court specifically declared that Johnny Depp is a “wife abuser”, after his ruling against the American actor in the defamation lawsuit he filed against the British newspaper The Sun. In an article published in April 2018, the tabloid assumed that the actor had beaten his then-wife, Amber Heard, and the British ruling confirmed it in early November. The consequences of the judicial decision have been very different for each of those involved in the process. While Johnny Depp has seen his reputation fall hopelessly and the sentence took its toll on his work as an interpreter, Amber Heard seems willing to capitalize on his triumph.

The 34-year-old actress has signed a contract to give paid lectures on women’s rights, according to the British newspaper. Daily Mail last Sunday, and its representative will be none other than the same agency that manages clients of such prestige as the Obama marriage, Henry of England and Meghan Markle, the communicator Oprah Winfrey or the Clintons. The Harry Walker agency, founded in 1946, will connect Amber Heard with trade associations and companies that will have their services in unique events and will receive around 27,000 euros for each of their interventions. Given her trajectory and the moment in which this agreement is produced, it is expected that the reason for her conferences will be women’s rights and civil rights, two causes in which the agency with which she has just signed a contract portrays her as fervent defender and “committed to all those women who have suffered gender violence.”

While Depp was forced to disassociate himself from the film Fantastic Beasts 3 after Warner Bros formally asked the actor to resign after learning that he had lost the defamation lawsuit against The Sun For calling him an abuser, Heard adds another victory to this agreement that adds to his victory on November 2 in his legal battle against his ex-husband. The British judge Andrew Nicol, in charge of the case, established that the facts reported by the tabloid were “substantially true”. He also said the actor’s attacks on Amber Heard, which took place in March 2015 in Australia, “must have been terrifying.” Since then, the 57-year-old performer seems to have become persona non grata in Hollywood. In addition to his expulsion from the filming of the third installment of Animals fantastic, Johnny Depp has been called “radioactive” by a study executive, in an investigation of Hollywood Reporter.

Johnny Depp upon his arrival at London court on July 28 this year.Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

The actor appealed the ruling of the High Court of Justice in London in early December, but his plummet for now seems unstoppable. His attempt to appeal did not work either, since the same English judge who handed down the sentence denied him the appeal: “I do not consider that the proposed grounds for appeal have a reasonable prospect of success.” And he continued: “The grounds for appeal suggest that I made an error of principle or law, and there is no other compelling reason why permission to appeal should be granted.” In the ruling, which had been made public, Judge Nicol gave Depp until December 7 to directly petition the Court of Appeal to overturn his ruling. In his main ruling, published earlier this month, the judge concluded that 12 of the 14 alleged incidents of violence did occur.

The judge found that Depp assaulted Heard a dozen times and made him “fear for his life” on three occasions, including one that the actress described as a “three-day hostage situation” in Australia in March 2015. Nicol discovered that Heard also feared for his life during various incidents in Southeast Asia in August 2015 and again in Los Angeles, California in December of the same year. The judge also ordered that the actor should pay the editor of The Sun almost 630,000 euros for court costs.

The former couple still have lawsuits ahead. Depp continues his battle for defamation in the United States after personally suing Heard for an opinion piece in the Washington Post published in December 2018 in which he claimed to be a victim of sexist abuse. The actor is reportedly seeking $ 50 million (about € 42 million) in damages from his ex-wife for the article, where he does not mention him by name. She has fought back by asking for double that amount and claiming that Depp orchestrated a smear campaign against her. That case should be heard in Virginia, USA, where the Washington Post, sometime in 2021.

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Amber Heard wants to capitalize on her judicial victory against Johnny Depp | People