Chris Hemsworth and his lesson on how to dress well in the fall

Chris Hemsworth and his lesson on how to dress well in the fall
  • Chris Hemsworth inspires our outfits by autumn in the new campaign of BOSS wearing the essentials of the brand’s F / W 2021 collection.
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    The headache of experiencing all the seasons on the same day is the worst thing about this time of year when you don’t know whether to dress for the cold in the morning or for the heat in the afternoon. It is true that this period of change lasts less and less, so we go from the shirt to the jacket in a blink of an eye and almost without realizing it we already have the autumn with us making way for winter.

    There are those who solve the matter with a denim jacket that goes for everything, so in the face of this lack of inspiration to wear in the new season, let Chris Hemsworth give a masterclass on how to get through this transition to the new season with flying colors.

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    The actor has displayed his charms in a new campaign for BOSS as a global brand ambassador. In it he has worn a series of garments from the F / W 2021 collection of the brand that help us and inspire us to adapt our wardrobe to the change of temperatures. With the art of dress with layers As a central hub, Hemsworth wears hoodies, overshirts and outerwear that she combines in four new laid-back styles with comfortable drawstring sneakers or pants.


    Refering to color palette from the collection It is surprising for being quite reduced since it has been preferred to base the designs on a series of tones that can be easily mixed and combined. Thus, we find from the elegant cream and camel tones, to gray and navy blue. A selection of perfect classic colors but perfect for the colder months.

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Chris Hemsworth and his lesson on how to dress well in the fall