Harry Connick Jr. left alone with his faith, creates an emotional album for God

Harry Connick Jr. left alone with his faith, creates an emotional album for God
Harry Connick Jr.’s “Alone with My Faith” album cover.

Grammy- and Emmy-winning singer and television personality Harry Connick Jr. detailed the emotional experience he encountered in the studio, alone with God, while creating songs for his new faith-inspired album, Alone With My Faith.

Connick has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years and the talented singer, songwriter, pianist, actor, and television host now shares his faith through his music.

“It’s a crazy time and I was at home, like everyone else, wondering what was going on, and I started to think about my faith and how it is helping me move forward. I just wanted to put my feelings on record. So I chose some songs that were familiar to people and I also wanted to write some new songs to describe what I was feeling and what I continue to feel during this unprecedented time, “Connick said in an interview with The Christian Post.

Alone With My Faith, available Friday (Universal Music’s Verve and Capitol CMG), was recorded during closings.

The animator said that he is very grateful to healthcare workers, teachers, scientists, public officials, garbage collectors and supermarket workers, whom he described as “true heroes” during the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to honor them.

“All those people, I think, have become so heroic to all of us. I think that’s the first thing that comes to mind,” he said, explaining that 14 people he knew have died since last year, most of them due to complications of COVID-19.

“It has been very difficult; then at the same time it has been full of unexpected blessings. How spending time with my family in this way is probably something that would never have happened if it weren’t for the pandemic,” he continued. . “Or being able to be an artist in this way. Recording an entire album by myself is something that maybe I would have done, but this certainly gave me the opportunity to do it.”

The New Orleans native said the album’s title came from his actual recording experience.

“The title was about being alone, not only was my family separated from everyone, but the actual recording process was literally only for about eight months,” he explained. “I was in the studio every day for eight or 10 hours, with no one else. No recording engineer, no trumpeters, no guitarists.”

“If I wanted to sing or listen to backgrounds, I would do it myself. If I wanted to have a guitar solo, I would do it myself. So I would play all the instruments and do all the vocals,” Connick said.

This was the first time in his career that he was “literally alone” in a recording studio with no one but God and himself.

“I was physically alone, but as the song says, ‘I am eternally grateful, so I am never alone.’ So I never really felt lonely, Connick testified.

The professing Christian said the experience was extremely intimate and personal for him.

“It was heavy; it was very emotional. I mean, there were many, many times when I sang or played and I was just overwhelmed with emotion,” the musician explained.

“I would cry and I couldn’t sing or I would just sit for a few moments in silence and then listen to what I recorded because it was so intimate and personal and it ended up sounding like my personality in music, which is ultimately what what you want as an artist is. have individuality, ”he said.

The spiritual exchange while recording his album was something he had experienced before, but this album now serves as a snapshot of that beautiful exchange he has with God.

“It’s not like it’s something that didn’t exist before. It exists, and it’s like a musical snapshot of my feelings and there were a lot of times that it was really heavy, and I loved every minute of it,” added Connick.

The renowned artist told CP that throughout his decades of career, he has never felt persecuted or isolated by Hollywood because of his faith.

“People talk about the fact that you cannot talk about their faith. I have never felt it. I have never shied away,” he said.

“There are people who believe in things very similar to mine, and I have friends who are atheists, I have friends who are Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and none of them have had problems for me to talk about it,” he emphasized.

“Maybe there are some people who think you shouldn’t talk about it, but it hasn’t affected me,” Connick said of his faith. “It’s something I’m proud to talk about, and it has helped me as a person and as an artist to get through this moment.”

“I think a lot of people talk about the idea of ​​the fact that you can’t talk about it any more than they can’t talk about it,” he added, calling it a so-called “war on faith” that he hasn’t waged. find

Alone With My Faith incluye varias versiones de himnos populares como “How Great Thou Art”, “Amazing Grace” y “Because He Lives”.

Connick’s focus for each track was to emerge himself into the sentiment behind each letter.

In the song “Old Rugged Cross”, the artist said that he thought, “What does loneliness and abandonment sound like?” He then went out of his way to express that musically.

“So I would just play things and try to make that come to life. I would say, ‘You know what? I don’t want to sing this song from the beginning; I want to wait a bit. I want to play some music first and give myself a chance to get into it. that mental space, ‘”he explained.” Then I don’t sing until a couple of minutes later. “

“I think about it. What would it be like if you were walking in some kind of rocky, dusty, sandy place and you saw a hill in the distance? And there’s a cross on it. What would you think, ‘Oh my God, not just because of what we know as Christians what the Cross means, but only as a person in those times: that’s the place of execution, that’s where they killed the worst of the worst, “Connick described to CP.

“How does that sound? ‘On a hill, far away, there was an old rough cross,’ Why is it old, why is it rough? Well, it’s been a long time, a lot of people have died that way. Now they Go to take this man, the greatest man of all time, and kill him.

“‘The emblem of suffering and shame’ is the emblem of suffering and shame which is horrible,” he added. “So when you sing that, I couldn’t get past that line. It took me a few minutes, but you know what, ‘I love that old cross. Where the dearest and best for a world of lost sinners was slain. ‘ What a brutal thing to say when you start to deal with lyrics like that. It just becomes something and that’s what happened. “

Although this season has seen its ups and downs for Connick, he said a promise he’s clinging to is the great gift of faith.

“I believe that faith is a great gift and a great promise. I believe that God created us in His image and faith is a gift that has been given to us to force us to communicate with God,” he said. “He’s like saying, ‘Here’s this car and I’m going to give you the keys.’ You can leave it in the garage all day or you can drive it. “

“I want to drive it, I want to use it and that’s the promise I make to God because I believe He gave us that gift,” Connick pledged.

Connick concluded the interview by highlighting the album’s title track, “Alone with My Faith.”

He focused on the lyrics: “Everything is different, everything strange. What I know is true, which gives me security, when I don’t know what to do.”

“How can you be sure when you don’t know what to do? Well, that’s faith,” Connick declared.

He concluded: “‘I don’t have all the answers, but I always knew that I am eternally faithful. So I am never alone.’ For me, those are powerful words that sum up the entire album. Even when we are most alone, we are never really alone if we exercise that gift of faith. “

For more information on Connick’s latest release, visit their website.


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Harry Connick Jr. left alone with his faith, creates an emotional album for God