Heart’s Nancy Wilson Releases Music Video For Her Cover Of Pearl Jam’s ‘Daughter’

Heart’s Nancy Wilson Releases Music Video For Her Cover Of Pearl Jam’s ‘Daughter’

HEART‘s Nancy Wilson has launched a Jeremy Danger Photos-Musical video directed for their cover version of PEARL JAM‘s “She”. She originally recorded the track for Netflix‘s “I am all girls”, a South African film that sheds light on human trafficking,

Nancy He said of the song and its connection to the film: “I initially recorded ‘She’ for the film, a powerful story about sex trafficking in South Africa. I was drawn to the global tragedy of human trafficking and the lyrics sung from the perspective of women also reflect the power of the untold stories of girls. This movie is a revelation and sheds meaning and light on these realities. Human trafficking is a global phenomenon that affects women around the world. I recorded this version as a hymn for them.

Nancythe version of “She” also featured on his debut solo album, “You and I”, which came out on May 7 via Continue with the music. The LP was recorded primarily in WilsonHome Studio from California, working with band members and special guests remotely. Most of the tracks are original, but Wilson decided to include a handful of covers for some of his favorites, including a poignant twist from SIMON Y GARFUNKEL‘s “The boxer” presenting Sammy Hagar, and an ethereal cover of THE CRANBERRIES“Dreams”, presenting Liv Warfield (The prince) from Nancyprevious band ROADCASE ROYALE. The first single from the album was Bruce Springsteen‘s “The ascent”, which fell last fall.

The other eight tracks are originals, mostly acoustic ballads, but there are also some keen rockers like «Party in the Angel room» which features a superstar backing band, which includes Duff McKagan from GUNS N ROSES and Taylor Hawkins of the FOO FIGHTERS. The album ends with a song that captures the full spectrum of loss, love, and redemption in an instrumental coda. Entitled ‘4 Edward’, it is Nancytribute to Eddie Van Halen, whose defeat in 2020 still looms over music.

The title track “You and I”, as with several of the songs on the album, brings together Wilson with a lifelong collaborator Sue Ennis, who co-wrote many of HEARTclassics with Nancy and sister Ana.

With his band HEART, Nancy Wilson has recorded 16 albums, sold more than 35 million albums worldwide, and has four Grammy nominations. He had previously released another album with just his name, «Live At McCabe’s Guitar Shop», which captured her playing a series of covers and new songs in 1999. But Nancy considers this to be his first true solo album, a positive creative move in the midst of a surreal year of losses; life during the confinement.

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Heart’s Nancy Wilson Releases Music Video For Her Cover Of Pearl Jam’s ‘Daughter’