How much money does Samuel L. Jackson have? This is your fortune

How much money does Samuel L. Jackson have?  This is your fortune

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood. His fortune is due to the more than 150 films recorded.

You want to know how much money have Samuel L. Jackson? We will tell you everything you need to know about your fortuna.

The American actor stands out for an impressive filmography that includes more than 150 titles. Some of them have been a huge box office hit, even if he’s not the lead.

On average, the tapes of Samuel L. Jackson have grossed $ 89.9 million per movie!

  How much money does Samuel L. Jackson have?  This is your fortune

The total worldwide box office of the films in which the American has appeared is almost 16.7 billion dollars.

Samuel L. Jackson He is also a renowned film producer. However, the seventh art is not his only source of income. The actor has lucrative endorsement deals with fashion and tech firms.

In addition, he has made good investments in real estate together with his wife. This and other projects have left him juicy earnings throughout his life.

This is how the actor went from fighting his drug addiction to building an empire with his image.

Then we tell you how much money have Samuel L. Jackson and in what invests its enormous fortuna.

How much does Samuel L. Jackson charge per movie?

Samuel L. Jackson has more than three decades of career in the seventh art. This has allowed him to increase his salary considerably. However, he does not have a fixed salary, since he also performs supporting roles.

In 1992, when he starred White Sands, the actor received only 75 thousand dollars. However, his luck would change drastically by the year 2000, at which time he earned $ 10 million for Shaft. In the same year, he earned $ 7 million for Unbreakable.

In 2014, Samuel L. Jackson received 6 million dollars for No Good Deed. For 2017, he took home $ 5 million for his appearance on Kong: Skull Island.

Every time he’s appeared in a Marvel movie, like Nick Fury, he’s made between $ 4 million and $ 6 million. This, only after the bonuses.

How much does Samuel L. Jackson charge per movie?

Since 2011, Samuel L. Jackson is considered the highest grossing actor of all time. This title is not for less, only with its premieres it earned more than 10 thousand 500 million dollars.

The movie that has earned the most income is The Avengers. For it he earned 623.4 million dollars. If this figure seems excessive, the film grossed 1,519 billion dollars worldwide.

The actor explained during an interview that his compulsion for work is rather out of fear. As a black child from the American South, his grandparents instilled in him that he should ‘work ten times as long as everyone else’:

“My biggest fear is not working after finishing a movie. It’s always: ‘Will I be able to find another job?’ “

How much is Samuel L. Jackson’s fortune?

Samuel L. Jackson He has a net worth of $ 250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

In 2011, the American entered the Guinness Records as the highest grossing actor in film history. This for the 7.4 billion dollars raised in his career.

On average, Samuel L. Jackson participates in four films per year. In 2010, he appeared in six films; for 2011 it came out in four and in 2012 it made three. This amount is very high in Hollywood.

Also, unlike other movie stars, the actor does not hesitate to take supporting roles. This has allowed him to add more than 150 deliveries in his three decades of career.

How much is Samuel L. Jackson's fortune?

Between 2016 and 2017, the American earned $ 30 million for his various projects. Thanks to this he entered the list of the fifteen highest paid actors of Forbes, in the thirteenth place.

Beyond the cinema, Samuel L. Jackson it’s all a influence on networks like Instagram and Twitter. In the first it adds 6.8 million followers and in the second it gathers 8.6 million.

Thanks to his publications, the actor has made Kangaroo caps or T-shirts with messages fashionable. Some of them with their own image.

What’s more, Samuel L. Jackson has lent his voice in animated films and for the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He has even recorded several audiobooks, including:

  • The Bible Experience
  • Go the Fuck to Sleep

The actor has also signed very lucrative endorsement deals. The most notable is with Capital One. Although it is unknown how much he earns, it is estimated that there are eight figures annually. Additionally, he has appeared in commercials for Adidas, Apple and Brioni.

How does Samuel L. Jackson spend his money?

Samuel L. Jackson and his wife, LaTanya Richardson, own at least $ 30 million in real estate. This only includes your properties in the United States.

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In 2000, the couple paid actress Roseanne Barr 8.35 million for a 12,000-square-foot mansion. This beautiful residence is located in the exclusive Beverly Park neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Currently, that property is worth around $ 20 million to $ 30 million.

In 2005, Samuel L. Jackson and his wife invested $ 4.8 million in a multi-unit condo. This on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, in New York.

By November 2018, the couple sold the property for $ 13 million.

How does Samuel L. Jackson spend his money?

In that same year, the actor celebrated his 70th birthday in New York. The exclusive party had as guests Stevie Wonder, who sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

In addition, other Hollywood personalities were present at the celebration. Among them were Whoopi Goldberg, George Lucas, Anne Hathaway and singer Bruno Mars.

Nevertheless, Samuel L. Jackson He doesn’t just spend on properties, luxuries, and parties. He and LaTanya are very involved in philanthropic causes. Over the years they have donated millions of dollars in scholarships and the fight for equal rights.

In addition, the image of the American has also allowed him to add more people to his projects.

In 2013, Samuel L. Jackson he invited his followers to raise $ 100,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. In the end, he managed to raise $ 125,000.

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How much money does Samuel L. Jackson have? This is your fortune