Vin Diesel is the driver who destroyed the most cars in cinema

Vin Diesel is the driver who destroyed the most cars in cinema

Vin Diesel

One of the signs that in the movies of Hollywood there are no budget issues is the way chase scenes cars crash and destroy as if they were a toy. In this sense, a specialized page made a ranking of which were the actors who destroyed the most vehicles in their films.

The overall winner of this particular contest was Vin Diesel, that in the saga of Fast and Furious scrapped 61 vehicles. Second is Bruce Willis, that in his long career as an action hero he destroyed 60 cars, and then it comes Arnold Schwarzenegger, that broke 52.

Michelle Rodr & # xed; guez and Vin Diesel, in a scene from the new installment of R & # xe1; pidos y furioso

Michelle Rodríguez and Vin Diesel, in a scene from the new installment of Fast and Furious

The list of compulsive car wrecks on the big screen was made by the site specializing in buying and selling British junk cars, Scrap Car Comparison.

There it is clarified that they do not count for this ranking minor damages, such as mirror breaks, dents, or scratches. The machine must be unusable to enter the list, something that can happen due to a shock, an explosion, falling into the water or receiving hundreds of bullets, something not so uncommon in Hollywood cinema.

In this order of destruction, the character Dominic Toretto, who gives life Diesel in the eternal saga of Fast and Furious -eight episodes, the ninth is coming up and there will be 11 in total-, it is the most productive, although the term sounds contradictory. The actor disabled 61 vehicles, 57 of which were driven by him at the time of the Sinister.

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The curious fact with Diesel is that in the fifth film of the series, Fast and furious: 5in control, broke a total of 30 autos, almost half of all he smashed in the entire saga. Too many, for a character who makes a living behind the wheel.

Just for one less vehicle destroyed than the protagonist of Fast and Furious, Bruce Willis is second on the list. The protagonist of Hard to Kill -another saga with many broken cars- blew up 60 vehicles, of which he handled about 35. Included in the case of bald interpreter is the destruction of a snowmobile and helicopter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, another monster of action cinema and also the protagonist of a series of films such as Terminator where explosions of all kinds were a continuum, he carries his own good number of wrecked cars: 52, of which he drove 30.

The top ten car breakers from Hollywood completes it with: Matt Damon (35 vehicles), Keanu Reeves (30), Tom Hardy (29), Daniel Craig (24), Nicolas Cage (22), Tom Cruise (19) y Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Jason Statham (18).


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Vin Diesel is the driver who destroyed the most cars in cinema