Zack Snyder says Warner has kept the results of the Snyder Cut from him and his hopes are pinned on Discovery

Zack Snyder says Warner has kept the results of the Snyder Cut from him and his hopes are pinned on Discovery

Tempers have subsided since the premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%, although that does not mean that they have stopped talking about it or that the incredible desire on the part of fans for the sequels that the director had planned to be resumed has disappeared. It’s hard to think that the subject will disappear in the next few months, or maybe years, but at least Zack Snyder seems resigned that the company he was a part of for quite some time will not show any kind of interest in him again.

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While it is true that Warner Bros. could generate a bit of noise that The Army of the Dead – 78% has become a major source of revenue for Netflix, executives haven’t had any kind of conversation to rethink the future of the Snyderverse. The sad reality for the director’s fans is that they will no longer see the conclusion of the Justice League team, especially now that the DC Universe has chosen to take another path.

The director of The Man of Steel – 55% have shown on several occasions in favor of restoring the universe that he started in DC Films, although he has done it more in an effort to support his followers because the studio continues to be reluctant about it. In several interviews Snyder has already assured that his love for superhero stories remains strong, and he would be willing to return to that path if asked.

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Truth be told, audiences got a chance to see the Snyder Cut because Warner decided to give them what they wanted after a campaign that lasted nearly four years, without thinking about the possibility that they would want even more. The film arrived directly on HBO Max, a young streaming platform in which there were not enough subscriptions to see the film, although it must be considered that it was not the only platform that transmitted it.

In the words of the director (via Comic Book Movie), he has never been clear about the result in numbers of his film, especially since no one from the studio has wanted to speak directly to him.

I haven’t heard from them. After I released the movie, I have not received a phone call. […] The only communication was Ann’s article [Sarnoff] [directora ejecutiva de Warner Bros.] after the release of the tape, but that was not directly for me, but for the people. So I do not know. I’m worried, let’s see what happens to Discovery […] Who knows? All I know is that, as of yesterday, The Justice League was number one in the UK again, so…

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In the statement you previously released Anna Sarnoff, the director assured that they would launch the film with the sole objective of knowing the complete vision of Snyder, but that it is no longer part of the DC Extended Universe. On the other hand, last month AT&T released the news that several companies would merge into a single parent company, including Discovery and Warner Bros., this with the intention of competing with current entertainment leaders: Disney and Netflix.

These changes within the company could well prove important to Snyder, if and only if Discovery shows interest in the director and a general agreement is reached between the merged companies. We still have to wait to know if there will be important changes after this union. Some believe that if Warner and DC decide to give the universe proposed by Snyder another chance, they would seek to do it with a lesser impact, for example with a comic, but that would not reduce the desire of fans to see the result on the big screen.


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Zack Snyder says Warner has kept the results of the Snyder Cut from him and his hopes are pinned on Discovery