August 3, 2021

A History of Violence to 15 years. – Update Mexico

Renowned film director David Cronenberg released a small but powerful film in 2005, entitled A History of Violence, based on the comic of the same name.

Cronenber has in his filmography productions such as The Dead Zone (The dead zone, based on the book by Stephen King, 1983), The Fly (The fly, 1986) and Crash (1996), among others.

A History of Violence premiered on September 23 in the United States and on November 17 of that same year in Mexico. The cast was perfectly well selected and has as the main character, Tom Stall, the then not very well known Viggo Mortensen (who was consecrated as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, a few years later). Edie Stall, Tom’s wife, was represented by Maria Bello; Ed Harris and William Hurt also participate.

The comic (sometimes called graphic novel) was written by John Wagner, cartoonist Vince Locke and was first published by the independent publisher Paradox Press. The rights were eventually acquired by DC Comics for their Vertigo label. As data, John Wagner is the creator of Judge Dredd along with the cartoonist Carlos Ezquerra.

As for the story, Tom, Edie and their children, Sarah and Jack, live peacefully in a small American town running their business, a small restaurant. When Tom foils an assault on his business with unusual dexterity, he draws the attention of a group of mobsters who will come looking for him, claiming that he is someone else. Tom’s peace, his family and his county will never be the same again.

A Story of Violence, beyond being just that, a violent story, proposes interesting questions such as, How well do we know the people we love? Can we really escape from our past? Do second chances have an expiration date? And several others.

Both the comic and the film offer a good experience to those who wanted to know it in depth and with just over 15 years after the film’s premiere, we take the opportunity to recommend both visions in this humble space.