August 3, 2021

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Millie Bobby Brown It doesn’t stop for a second. While continuing the recordings of the fourth season of «Stranger Things» and when the sequel has been confirmed «Enola Holmes 2» who stars with Henry Cavill, the actress has added a new project to her career. The 17-year-old British star is reportedly in arrangements to act in a new film by Netflix.

It is said that Bobby Brown signed a contract to participate in the thriller based on the novel “What happened to the Medusa”by the American writer Ali Benjamin. The project, which had been consummated since 2015 with the actress Reese Whiterspoon At the head of the production, he gave his rights to the streaming giant, who took an interest in Millie to star in the film.

However, it is not the only project that is on the famous star’s agenda. He’s also fine-tuning the last details of the fantasy movie. «Damsel», where she will act as producer and actress, just as she did andn «Enola Holmes». For now, Millie would be focused on finishing shooting «Stranger Things 4», where it seems that his character Eleven will have a fatal accident.

Millie Bobby Brown would have experienced one of the most difficult moments during the recordings of the new season of the science fiction series. The actress was pictured as she was pulled out of an exploding building on a stretcher. Photos released by Page Six this week showed two men dressed as paramedics transporting the British star into an ambulance.

Millie was reportedly not the one who suffered an injury but rather her character Eleven. The paramedics would be actors who assisted the famous character in the middle of the great drama that has been brewing in Hawkins. The fourth season of the hit Netflix series continues its filming in the United States amid great uncertainty. Neither the creators of the sci-fi show nor the streaming platform have disclosed the premiere date.