August 2, 2021

Andrew Lincoln is eager to be Rick Grimes in the movie “The Walking Dead”

Andrew Lincoln He is very excited to be working on the first feature film of “The Walking Dead” what makes your Return to the role of Rick Grimes after spending nearly two years apart, says the writer and content director of “Walking Dead Universe, Scott Gimple.

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Lincoln permanently exited the television series after eight years in 2018, stepping away in its ninth season to spend time with family, but the actor is not done with the walkers, as a film trilogy based on his departure was announced after his departure. in Rick Grimes.

“Much of what we have been doing is refine, adjust and experiment, and we are in the laboratory “, He said Gimple to the portal

“We have been playing a lot. We were doing it before and now it forces us. We don’t know when we would be doing it if everything was finished now, we just don’t know, but we are still in the lab. We still play with all this. “

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Lincoln is “very involved” with the project, Gimple added. “He plays soccer with the rest of us. He’s very, very interested in this. “

Beyond to reveal what happened to Rick Grimes after the flight in helicopter that took him to “The Walking Dead”, the movies will unravel the great mythology behind the Civic Republic Military or CRM from the acclaimed zombie series.