August 2, 2021

Anya Taylor-Joy revealed the “psychological warfare” she suffered when filming “Lady’s Gambit”

Anya Taylor-Joy revealed the “psychological warfare” she suffered when filming “Lady’s Gambit”

The actress Anya Taylor-Joy, won a Golden Globe and an Actors Guild Award for his outstanding performance in the Netflix miniseries, Lady’s Gambit. The actress had to put herself in the shoes of Beth Harmon, a young chess player who ended up in fame but with several addictions and complications.

At the time of playing the role, the actress confessed that she suffered a “psychological war”. The 25-year-old told a little behind the scenes of the series in a virtual meeting that was organized by The Hollywood Reporter.

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During the meeting the actresses, Cynthia Erivo, Gillian Anderson, Elizabeth Olsen, Mj Rodriquez and Sarah Paulson participated and all reviewed moments of their careers. When it was the turn of Anya Taylor-Joy revealed some of his feelings during the filming of “Lady’s Gambit.”

“I worked consecutively on two projects with a day off in between, so when I got to film the show, I was exhausted and there was no energy to create a barrier with fiction.”Taylor-Joy explained. Also there he confessed that that was the most difficult of the program, because it was a wonderful experience as an actress to not have to reach any emotions, but then also “You have to go through a psychological warfare“Said the actress.

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Anya Taylor-Joy revealed the “psychological warfare” she suffered when filming “Lady’s Gambit”

Anya Taylor-Joy He described his relationship with his character in his daily life and said that he wondered why he felt bad during the morning, he did not know what was happening to him, until he could understand that it had to do with his feelings.

“But I have to focus on them all day and I have to be aware enough to say: you are not depressed, the character is depressed and at some point that feeling will leave you “He added However, this usually happens to actors during their careers, since they are related to a character and not many find it difficult to distinguish fiction from reality.

Taylor-Joy touched on the subject, remembering his success on The Witch, horror film released in 2016 where she was the protagonist. “Right after, I got a script about a witch, and I thought, wow, why do you want to see me do this again? So, I told my agent that I didn’t want to make any more witch movies. “the actress recalled.

Watch the interview hosted by The Hollywood Reporter.

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