August 2, 2021

Anya Taylor-Joy thought she would never act again: ‘I was’ devastated’

Anya Taylor-Joy, the Argentine-born actress who broke records with ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, has conquered the entire world with her talent, but, like any human, she has not always felt sure of her abilities.

In fact, there was a moment when Anya thought her career was over, and that happened after seeing her work on ‘The Witch’, an independent horror film that she starred in in 2015, under the direction of Robert Eggers.

“Rob showed us the film maybe two hours before the public screening, and I was devastated,” confessed Taylor-Joy in a recent interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.

“I thought I would never go back to work. It still gives me chills thinking about that,” said the 25-year-old star.

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Luckily, Anya’s bad feeling, when she saw herself on the screen, did not materialize, because, after ‘The Witch’ (a film that, as if that were not enough, has a 90% approval on the site ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ ), in his filmography several appearances in cinema and television series stand out. Even in this 2021, Taylor-Joy was consecrated as the winner of the award for Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Television for ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, at the Golden Globe Awards.

Despite everything, remembering that moment is still hard for Anya. “It was just the worst feeling of, ‘I’ve let down the people I love the most in the world. I didn’t do it right.’ And I’m quite verbose, I like to talk, I like to communicate. I didn’t speak, I just cried. I couldn’t bear to watch. my face is so long, “he confessed to ‘THR’.

Eventually, Taylor-Joy got over it, having recently reunited with Eggers to star in her new movie ‘The Northman’ alongside her ‘The Witch’ co-star, Kate Dickie.

“I was in Northern Ireland, in Belfast, with Robert Eggers, filming a film of which I am very proud,” she said, referring to the production that, it is known, will be released in 2022 and will feature Bj√∂rk, Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, Ethan Hawke Y Willem Dafoe in the cast.

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Beyond playing various roles in fiction, Anya has had other great opportunities on screen, such as hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’, at the end of last May.

The famous Argentine-British origin has also starred in several magazine covers, including ‘Elle’ and ‘Vanity Fair’.

And as one of the most promising faces in Hollywood, Taylor-Joy ran an ad campaign with the prestigious jewelry house Tiffany & Co.

So that worry you had about not having a job again, should definitely be forgotten.

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