August 1, 2021

Cristin Milioti’s futuristic rebels

If we add the total of the entries of the Wolf of Wall Street, by Martin Scorsese (2013), to the number of spectators of the last season of How I Met Your Mother, not to mention those from the second season of Fargo or feature film Palm Springs recently posted, millions of them know the face of Cristin Milioti. Especially since he will not be forgotten anytime soon, with those huge eyes that can evoke Bambi as well as a desperate predator. It remained to put a name on this physiognomy.

Made for Love, the series created by novelist Alissa Nutting and Christina Lee, should allow admirers of the legitimate wife of the financier played by Leonardo DiCaprio, or of the mysterious mother whose identity was not revealed until the time of the final season of How I Met Your Mother, to permanently retain his marital status: Cristin Milioti, 35, born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

In Made for Love, her name is Hazel Green-Gogol. We meet her when she has just escaped from her lord and master, Byron Gogol, tech mogul, after ten years of marriage. Inventor of genius little acquainted with the realities of the human condition (apart from profit and the appetite for power), he believes he has put a definitive end to the war between men and women by inventing a chip capable of reveal thoughts and desires to whoever reads it. Now carrying this implant, Hazel tries to escape the digital inquisition of her husband by taking refuge with her father, who lives in a caravan in the depths of the Californian desert.

“Play two characters”

From New York, where she spent one of her first deconfined days, Cristin Milioti looks back on the reasons that pushed her to go out of her way to land the leading role in this series produced for HBO Plus, the platform. form of the Warner group: “The idea of ​​implanting a chip in the brain seemed like a good way to talk about the traumas that we carry around. The series walks on a thread stretched between very dark subjects and the comic of the absurd. As for Hazel, I ended up playing two characters. First this wife who lives in an ideal world, as in The Women of Stepford (science fiction film directed by Bryan Forbes in 1975), then this wild child who takes refuge in the environment where his emotional development has stopped. “

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Cristin Milioti, actress: “The series walks on a thread stretched between very dark subjects and the comic of the absurd”

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