August 2, 2021

Five books to travel differently


No need to fly to the end of the world to escape. Beautiful books, guides and travelogues invite us to dream of the (very) next vacation. Destination the Atlantic beaches to practice green naturism, or simply on the other side of the periphery to discover dream villages accessible with a Navigo pass. And as the path is as important as its goal, we mark time on the road to Compostela and we rediscover the joys of cycling and the departmental roads, far from the rubber sandwiches of the motorway areas.

Naturist tour

The figures are impressive: 2 million followers of naturism in France, 80% of whom are families, and France as the number one naturist destination in the world. See France all naked, by Julien Claudé-Pénégry and Naked Wanderings (a couple of bloggers), is a mine of information: dozens of addresses in France, an ABC of naturism for beginners, and even forays into Germany, Belgium and countries -Low to discover the “spa culture”. The beaches of the Atlantic and the Big Blue are obviously in the spotlight, but we discover that the “naked” is also practiced in the countryside, in Deux-Sèvres, Corrèze or in Puy-de- Dome. Another sign of this boom in green naturism, Julien Claudé-Pénégry will be in Baugé-en-Anjou on July 3 and 4, for the first edition of the NATURist’por nova mondo Festival, two days of debates, conferences or shows around ecology, naturism and… Esperanto! The author sees it as a way of “Defend nature and our humanity with one voice”.

“See France completely naked. Naturism for all ”, by Julien Claudé-Pénégry and Naked Wanderings (Hachette, June 2021, 192 p., € 19.90).

Small roads but big emotions

The village of Venterol, to discover by the small roads of the Drôme, in 2019.

Everyone dreams of them but we often only find them by chance: the secondary and bucolic roads are both the holy grail and the Arlesian of holidays in France. With The Small Roads. Troubled getaways in France, Laurence Guilloud and Fabrice Le Dantec help us find these nuggets throughout France and invite us to meet the inhabitants. An abandoned chocolate factory in Tonnerre, in the Yonne, a “casual house”, a flea market hidden in an old bakery in Bazoches-sur-Hoëne, in the Perche, or even the Café de la Poste in Venterol, in Provence, these pearls do not are discovered only by leaving highways and nationals. On these tracks without dots on the ground, where there is not always room for two cars, you have to drive calmly and stop as many times as a landscape or a village requires. Very inspiring for long weekends away from the crowds.

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