August 2, 2021

In Mexico, mixed electoral victory for “AMLO”

His name did not appear on the ballots. But the legislative, regional and municipal mega-ballot, organized Sunday, June 6 in Mexico, had taken on the air of a referendum for the center-left president, Andres Manuel Lopez Oprador (“AMLO”). It is in the snatch that his party and its allies retain a majority in the Chamber of Deputies, necessary for the pursuit of his great reform project “against corruption” and “the privileges of the powerful” in a country, where an inhabitant out of two is poor.

The results seem mixed for its National Regeneration Movement (Morena) which would win, with its allies, around 45% of the votes in the legislative elections. The preliminary estimates of the Electoral Institute (INE) would nevertheless assure them between 265 and 292 of the 500 seats of deputies, including 200 assigned to the proportional. The president thus loses his comfortable qualified majority (two thirds of the seats of the deputies) but keeps an absolute majority. The latter will allow him to vote his laws and budgets in Congress since his party already has a majority in the Senate, whose seats were not to be filled on Sunday.

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The scale of the elections delayed the announcement of local results. According to unofficial estimates, Morena would land more than half of the 15 elected governor positions. As for the counting of municipal results, it was still not closed overnight from Sunday to Monday. Ten parties were in contention in the largest poll in Mexican history with more than 2,000 mandates at stake.

But the campaign came down to a clash between two coalitions. That formed by Morena, the Workers’ Party (PT) and the Green Party (PVEM), clashed with an unprecedented opposition alliance covering the political spectrum. Even the old formation of “AMLO”, the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD, left), has allied itself with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI, center) and the National Action Party (PAN, right), reducing the mid-term vote “one for against against“ AMLO ””. The opposition coalition won around 41% of the legislative vote, securing between 181 and 213 deputy seats, against 139 previously.

Strong popularity

« It is a mixed victory for “AMLO” which will have to negotiate with the opposition, which emerges strengthened from the ballot, the vote of its constitutional reforms which requires a qualified majority in Congress that “AMLO no longer », Comments political scientist Virgilio Bravo. A major stake for the president (2018-2024) in order to continue his “fourth transformation of Mexico”, after the independence, the reform and the revolution of the XIXe and XXe centuries. The Mexicans’ fed up with corruption and the patronage of previous governments had yet earned “AMLO” a triumphant victory in the 2018 presidential election (53%), securing him so far 333 seats of deputies thanks to the help from his allies. Since then, he has led a series of educational, judicial, social and economic reforms that go against the neoliberal policies of his predecessors.

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