August 1, 2021

James Bond: Amazon wants to add more science fiction to the saga

Amazon Studios took out his checkbook and bought MGM for $ 8.45 billion In the past week. With this movement, which generated an earthquake among the large producers of Hollywood, Amazon guaranteed the rights of a great variety of sagas and intellectual properties, managing to obtain licenses of the stature of Rocky, Robocop O Species. But the jewel in the crown is none other than James Bond, one of the most successful sagas in the history of cinema and an institution unto itself. While No time to die, the official feature film number 25 of the Bond saga, is still waiting for its release in theaters next October after numerous delays, Amazon already raises the future of the saga. And he has something clear: They need more science fiction and colossal adventures in their formula. (va We Got This Covered).

More science fiction, less realism: Amazon believes it is the key to success

Daniel Craig will say goodbye to the character next October after having incarnated him for five installments, which have been characterized by a clear facet: the humanization and realism. While the James Bond formula has been around, with ingredients, clichés, and even characters and organizations making an obvious appearance, since Casino Royale has been committed to building a more vulnerable and tangible secret agent or impressive but realistic action sequences. Thanks to this, the aforementioned Casino Royale O Skyfall became real balls, and although Quantum of Solace y Spectre not on the level of other installments, they also showed glimpses of what was being sought with 007 and Craig. However, although it’s too early to talk about the future of the secret agent in particular, the rumors speak that Amazon wants to leave this stage behind and venture into a classic conception of the character, more typical of fantasy and science fiction.

“Putting more science fiction elements into the Bond universe”. Ace of rotund are shown in We Got This Covered highlighting the leak they echo, which for more details, comes from the source that confirmed Han’s arrival to Fast 9 o Ahsoka a The Mandalorian. This can have multiple readings. The first of them is that Amazon wants to promote the side of the most classic spy genre, the one that shows us devices, bases on the Moon and futuristic devices. The producers of James Bond have already made it clear that the saga is a good vehicle for this type of invention, but it must be remembered that 007 films with greater appearance of these fantastic elements They are the worst received by critics and the public, and for many, they mark the worst moment of a saga with nearly sixty years of history behind it. The clear example is Moonraker 1979, which sought to take advantage of the pull awakened by George Lucas and his Star Wars, sending the spy to space in a film that did not finish curdling.

Amazon wants to return to a ‘classical’ conception of the character, with more inventions and science fiction

Moonraker James Bond

Another recent example is that of Pierce Brosnan with Die another day in 2002, a film that tried to curl the curl in that of gadgets and that although it was not as bad as it may seem, it already made it clear that that time is behind us. James Bond knew how to adapt to the times, compete with a saga that began to eat his toast like Jason Bourne’s, and managed to find his personality in the change. But Amazon is aware of the importance of the most difficult yet, of the absurd but spectacular sequences typical of Fast & Furious or the success of the superheroes and their colossal adventures. It is a difficult position, more and when They have to find a new actor for the secret agent after Craig fired and they must make the most of a film so expensive and large that it must hit theaters if it does not want to lose money.