August 2, 2021

Jamie Lee Curtis Offers New Impressions Of “Halloween Kills”

In preparation for its imminent arrival in theaters, Universal Pictures has released a first full trailer for “Halloween Kills,” the long-awaited sequel to the reboot released in 2018 under the direction of David Gordon Green, who presents a reboot of the franchise. with a direct continuation to the 1978 tape.

Continuing her iconic role as Laurie Strode, veteran actress Jamie Lee Curtis has praised Green’s work alongside that of fellow actor Danny McBride, calling the film “a brutal second wave to his masterpiece.” through his Instagram account.

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“David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have built an intense and brutal second wave for their masterpiece“ Halloween 2018 ”. They were aware of the amount of trauma that has been recognized, mainly because of the #meetoo movement that collided with Laurie’s forty years of trauma and now they have re-anticipated with the amount of anger that we have seen in 2020, “Curtis commented. .

Curtis describes “Halloween Kills” as another brilliant chapter in Laurie and Michael Myers’ struggle for good versus evil, anticipating the film’s imminent arrival in theaters. In a previous talk with SiriusXM, the actress would have already anticipated a little about the narrative of the film.

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“The next one has to do with assimilating that the previous one was about Laurie’s trauma. I was focused on her, but there are many other people who had results from Michael Myers in 1978. And now we are going to return to these people. ” Jamie Lee Curtis anticipated the return of Kyle Richards and other characters who have also suffered trauma, and who are now part of a crowd.

It is not the first time that someone close to the production has praised it. John Carpenter, director of the original 1978 installment, now serves as executive producer and composer of its soundtrack. Last year, the legendary filmmaker described it as “the quintessential slasher film.” “Halloween Kills” opens on October 14.

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