August 2, 2021

Like “Black Widow”: Is Marvel planning to explore the past of other characters?

After “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), each story that Marvel presented to us explored how they followed the lives of the heroes and heroines who fought to restore peace to humanity and return those whom Thanos eliminated with him. blip. Examples like “WandaVision”, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and yes, until “Loki”, that although it takes its period after “Avengers” (2012), its escape with the tesseract occurs in the first movie we mentioned.

However, “Black Widow” it will not be one of these cases. The film is not only the first to reach Phase 4 of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, for its acronym in English) but the next to reach theaters enabled by the pandemic. Scarlett Johansson return in the skin of Natasha Romanoff in his eighth film, after his presentation in “Iron-Man 2” (2010).

Tired of “running away from her past”, the film directed by Cate¬†Shortland (“Berlin Syndrome”) will lead us to follow Natasha after the events of “Captain America: Civil War” (2016), that is to say that it will not only take us back to the personal history of the Russian agent but also to the period before “Avengers: Infinity War”. It is in this context and while the main Avengers begin to leave their legacy to their followers (such as Steve Rogers in Sam Wilson; or Tony Stark in Peter Parker), Marvel evaluates telling the past of more characters (as it did in its previous phases) , which could bring more than one return to the universe.

“Certainly this movie and this story is a particular case for Natasha. But the notion of Exploring the MCU’s past, present, and future is certainly on the cards for all of our characters.“said the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige in a conference collected by the portal Film.

“We knew very specifically that there was a great period in his life that we didn’t know about, not just his childhood, but this period of time between Civil War and Infinity War,” Feige continued. “And in that period, we felt that it was a right to focus creatively in order to discover more about our past more about our present. And … give a clue about the legacy in the future,” he said in relation -in theory- to the character of Yelena belova, what interprets Florence Pugh.

Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour y Florence Pugh en “Black Widow”

“Black Widow” is Natasha Romanoff’s first solo film and will bring the addition of new characters in addition to Yelena, such as Red Guardian (as David Harbor, “Stranger Things”) and Taskmaster. They complete the cast Rachel Weisz (“The favorite”), the revelation of Ever Anderson -the daughter of actress Milla Jovovich- as a little Natasha. It opens on July 8 in Argentina.

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