August 1, 2021

Lily Collins has the best spring beauty look for brunettes with long hair (and you’ll like her better than Emily in Paris)

The first thing I couldn’t help but notice when entering the actress’s Instagram profile is the monochrome makeup that her stylist Fiona Stiles has given her. But beware, you cannot underestimate her mane. In fact, it is the other great styling pillar, a delight with undone waves that I like more and more. The detail of the accessory in the hair is a plus in its favor that, together, translates into a sample of how Lily Collins has achieved the most inspiring beauty look of the season for long-haired chestnuts.

Starting with her hair, her hairdresser Gregory Russell has achieved a simple and elegant hairstyle based on perfect undone waves that we want to emulate now. The secret the stylist has turned to to achieve that tousled wet effect is the Spray Beach Waves de Pureologic. This product adds texture and creates tousled waves giving special care to colored hair thanks to its key ingredient, sugar cane, and an absolutely delicious aromatherapy blend of tuberose, almond milk and cedarwood. Its 100% vegan (sulfate-free) formula has properties to protect colored hair from discoloration, heat damage, and environmental stressors.

In the case of Lily Collins, we see how her hair color is revitalized with this hairstyle creating a perfect symbiosis with monochrome makeup. If you want to emulate the actress’s hair, just use the strand-to-strand iron for ringlets that you can later undo by combing them with your fingers. Lastly, you should apply the spray to set the surf-wave finish that your stylist achieves. The final touch on her hair is the white pearl hairpin with which she clears the face and rounds off the look by giving it a subtle touch. pretty girlto styling.

On makeup, makeup artist Fiona Stiles opted for a monochrome look using very soft brown tones for a very fresh and natural finish. The makeup base gives your skin a juicy appearance without shine, nuanced by a soft blush (also in brown) that slightly enhances your cheekbone. The lips, in two tones (pink and brown) slightly degraded, also play an important role in the look, but what stands out above the rest is, once again, her eyes. For chestnuts with brown eyes, this makeup is as ideal as it is essential. A game of shadows that applies with more intense tones in the crease area and more luminous in the center of the movable eyelid and under the arch of the eyebrow in order to achieve volumes that add depth to your eyes.

And the eyebrows, it is impossible to ignore them. They have (as always) a leading role in the beauty look and that is something that does not escape any glance. Lily Collins has one of the longest eyebrows perfectly outlined and drawn among celebrities. Thick and brown, their expressiveness on the face gains presence thanks to a very careful makeup (well combed and fixed). Without eyeliner, but without missing the appointment with the mascara, Lily Collins is the best beauty inspiration for the brunette with long hair that you are going to find today.

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