August 1, 2021

Mickey Rourke looks like another in the only movie that was finished filming

The pandemic of coronavirus stopped film work around the world. Except for some “home” projects, most of the productions have been stopped. Director David Lynch even went so far as to say that he does not believe he will film anything again until the Covid-19 vaccine is found. However, as published Variety, there is a film that did finish its filming and was ready to be released. Is about Warhunt, a horror film directed by Mauro Borrelli and starring Mickey Rourke (The fighter and Iron Man 2). An actor who once again makes it clear that if there is something he is passionate about, it is cosmetic surgeries. An actor who looks like another actor.

When asked about that obsession, Mickey Rourke, 67, a former heartthrob who rose to fame in 1986 for his participation in Nine weeks and a half, He explains that it was boxing that led him to undergo surgery so many times: “I broke my nose twice, that’s why I had to operate five times. Oh, and I also suffered a broken cheekbone,” he often says.

Mickey Rourke: here he is not characterized as any character.

Warhunt tells the story of a group of soldiers who face some witches in the middle of World War II.

Borrelli, who describes the film as “a great metaphor for war and evil,” has worked on the creative teams of Hollywood films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain America: The First Avenger and Star Wars.

In the cast, alongside Rourke are Robert Knepper (Prison Break) y Jackson Rathbone (Twilight).

The film was filmed in Riga, the capital of Latvia, following the government’s instructions: all the team had to wear chinstraps and gloves and had to take their temperature twice each day, in addition to regularly disinfecting the equipment and maintaining the mandatory distancing.

In addition, the production had to change the filming schedule so that Rourke could leave the country before the borders were closed (the actor managed to leave Latvia at the end of March).

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Also, among the preventive measures that the team has had to go through, the makeup managers assigned an individual kit of brushes and products to each actor.

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“It was surreal at first, but the cast and crew quickly got used to the chinstraps and the rest of the precautions, so we ended up working even more focused and being more efficient,” Borrelli said.

Until now, in Latvia there are 12 deaths from coronavirus.