August 3, 2021

On Netflix, Glenn Close and Amy Adams: All for the Oscar

Nobody who thinks that Hillbilly, A Country Elegy It is sketched, sketched and made for the display of its two co-leading actresses. It is falling into a mistake or error.

And perhaps this drama will allow Amy Adams and / or Glenn Close, depending on how the film’s production company enrolls them to compete for the Hollywood Academy Award, if as a leading or supporting actress, win the statuette that has been dodging the youngest 6 times, and the oldest 7 others.

Right or wrong they say that some issues are passed from generation to generation. We’re not spoiling anything, but JD Vance’s family can account for it.

Close and Adams were nominated 7 and 6 times, respectively, for the Hollywood Academy Award. And they never won it. PHOTO: NETFLIX

Based on the autobiography of Vance, a man, today, 36, writer and venture capitalist whose memoirs were for two years on the best seller list of the The New York Times, the film puts the finger where it can hurt the most.

The film by Ron Howard – director of the Oscar winner A brilliant mind, which, like this one, has its moments of hitting low and displaying human miseries – portrays a family from the deep interior of the United States, raised in the Appalachian region.

The protagonist, born in Middletown, Ohio, as a child, lives as best he can without a strong father figure or to follow. That absence could be partly replaced by his grandfather, but the truth is that JD has lived under the gaze of his mother Bev, a hitter and drug addict (Amy Adams), and his grandmother Mamaw (Glenn Close), much more understanding and companion, like most grandmothers.

JD, the protagonist, is embodied in his adulthood by Gabriel Basso, here between Haley Bennett and Amy Adams.  PHOTO: NETFLIX

JD, the protagonist, is embodied in his adulthood by Gabriel Basso, here between Haley Bennett and Amy Adams. PHOTO: NETFLIX

The trigger is that Bev overdosed on heroin, just in the week that J .D. He has a series of job interviews that will allow him not only to pay for his expensive studies at Yale University, but in practice to build a better future for himself. So the boy is torn between fulfilling the obligations he feels as a son, and traveling hundreds of kilometers to be with his mother and accompanying or helping his sister to sustain the situation, or staying and thinking about his own.

JD was never very comfortable in the rural environment, and now that he has a girlfriend who loves him unconditionally (Freida Pinto) his head is in a mess.

The film is told in two stages, of which it jumps from one to another in any instance. One is in 1997, with JD in full childhood, and the other, in 2011 and with the comings and goings between taking care of Bev and studying.

Interpretive duel flower between the actresses of "Fatal Attraction" Y "The arrival". FOTO: NETFLIX

Interpretive duel flower between the actresses of “Fatal Attraction” and “The Arrival”. PHOTO: NETFLIX

Howard, a veteran filmmaker who has tried his luck in different genres and with different luck, as he is responsible for Splash, Cocoon, The Da Vinci Code, The newspaper, Apollo 13 Y Han Solo, the spin-off of Star Wars, here he does the afternoon soap opera.

Hillbilly it is a melodrama, at times, that borders on the grotesque. There are so many disagreements and so many problems that it is not enough that the family comes first.

Although it is JD who is almost always on the screen -interpreted by Owen Asztalos as a child and Gabriel Basso in his adulthood-, I said: everything is set up so that Adams and Close suffer and move. The first one is a bit over-screwed, and the second one, perhaps, you can wait for Sunset Boulevard finally it is filmed and there yes, embodying Norma Desmond, I won the Oscar that I deserved so much a long time ago.

“Hillbilly, A Country Elegy”


Drama. EE.UU., 2020. 116’, SAM 16. Título original: “Hillibily Elegy”. De: Ron Howard. Con: Glenn Close, Amy Adams, Gabriel Basso. Disponible en: Netflix.