August 2, 2021

Pools, passageways and a thousand more secrets are hidden in Cara Delevingne’s luxury home

If you remember the movie ‘Big’, the character he plays Tom Hanks He is a kid who becomes an adult overnight and when he rents his apartment in New York he decorates it with all kinds of games for a big boy. Something similar but at maximum power and with a very personal sense of taste has made the top model Cara delevingne with his spectacular mansion in Los Angeles.

The model and actress has opened the doors of her extravagant, although the word falls short, residence –Inspired by the Mad Hatter from ‘Alice in Wonderland’– for a surreal ‘Architectural Digest’ video in which we appreciate a very unusual decoration, from a ball pit to a pink ‘vagina tunnel’.

Cara welcomes the cameras to her “house of games for adults” and reveals that your home includes a “sexy pink palace” with a swing and a stripper pole, as well as a secret passageway designed in the style of a woman’s “private parts”.

The house was designed by the architect Nicolò Bini, from Line Architecture, whom Cara describes as the Mad Hatter in her own version of the classic Lewis Carroll tale.

Cara’s ‘vagina tunnel’. (‘Architectural Digest’)

Hidden behind a mirrored door in the living room, the striking tunnel we referred to earlier has a pink cushion on the inside of the door and curtains of the same color almost closed on both sides. Among the fabrics are darker pink feathers, as well as a hanging white ball that appears to represent the clitoris.

Guy explains: “I come here to think, I come here to create. I am inspired by the tunnel of the vagina. ”

His favorite bathroom, inspired by David Bowie. (‘Architectural Digest’)

During the video tour, Cara appears coming out of the door of a washing machine announcing that it has “been reborn and cleansed”, and shows a bedroom with a bunk bed made of bamboo with a Christian Dior blanket.

The model’s bedroom. (‘Architectural Digest’)

“My job requires me to wear a lot of different hats and costumes. I love getting into these characters, so I wanted my house to reflect many different themes and moods“, he assures about the variety of styles that is appreciated in each room.

Along with his artwork. (‘Architectural Digest’)

The house is full of striking pieces, from the gucci wallpaper even a work of art by James Turrell. Your BFF Kendall Jenner has his own work by Turrell, valued at $ 750,000, made with computer-programmed led lights. Although Cara did not disclose the price of hers, we do not doubt that I have considerable value. “I usually stop in front of her and look at her,” he says. “But don’t stay long because you can start to hallucinate.”

Playing (dressed) her transparent piano. (‘Architectural Digest’)

Other interesting details of the house are a Chanel surfboard, a guitar signed by the deceased David Bowie, Japanese puzzle boxes and a clear Wurlitzer piano, who recognizes likes to touch naked, and which is valued at more than $ 20,000.

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Patricia Izquierdo

Upstairs Cara has a multitude of hat racks, encouraging her guests to try on. Meanwhile, her bedroom features bolder wallpaper, a purple comforter, and a huge mirror instead of a headboard. “Every time I enter here I feel calm”he says in the video. A door from his room also gives access to a huge dressing room.

The playroom. Or one of them, at least. (‘Architectural Digest’)

It is clear that the model likes to cuddle with her inner girl, and says that having a costume closet, a pool table, a table to play poker and even a giant ball pit helps you maintain a “childlike innocence” and relieve stress.

“The meaning I give to this house is never to grow up,” he says. “Always maintaining a kind of innocence or childish joy or just the need to have fun is a very good thing for stress. You can’t cry in a ball pit. I have tried it“.

Un pinball Playboy. (‘Architectural Digest’)

Their game room has arcade machines and a Playboy pinball, and Cara admits that “Hugh Hefner is a great inspiration for this house. It’s like my Playboy mansion“.

The impressive swimming pool. (‘Architectural Digest’)

Of course, in a fantasy house I could not miss (at least) a secret door that blends into a wall and leads upstairs. Outside there is a huge pool and two trampolines.

“It still looks like a home,” the model says of her unusual mansion. “There is a proper dining room and living room and a large kitchen. But it is also a kind of journey. The further you go into it, the more treasures you discover“.