August 2, 2021

The best post-apocalyptic series and alternate realities you should see

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The end of times or alternate realities with very recurring themes in science fiction, since the vast majority of the most successful films and series of the genre focus on these topics.

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Ursula Coyote // Netflix

There is something in these subjects that attracts us a lot, whether it is seeing how humanity survives any adversity or the curiosity to know what our life would have been like with a small change in reality.

In any case, there is a huge catalog of series that address the end of time and alternative realities in very interesting ways, and below we show you 7 that you should not miss for anything in the world.

#1 The Walking Dead

Zombies in movies and tv are not something new, but The Walking Dead revolutionized the way the undead are depicted on screen.

The first few seasons were sublime, as the survivors not only had to deal with ‘the walkers’, they also had to face other human beings, who sometimes proved that they were the true monsters of history.

Although the latest installments lowered their quality a bit, it is definitely a series that should be on your list of favorites.

#2 The Last Man on Earth

It is difficult to find the funny side of the end of the world, especially when it was caused by a virus that killed millions of people, but The Last Man on Earth I can do it.

Will Forte achieved a comedy where laughter and the most difficult moments that the apocalypse can cause coexist.

Tandy, the protagonist, is not a simple person to live with, and as the group of survivors expands (and shrinks) the patience of most of the people who accompany him is tested.

Without a doubt, at the end of the world you cannot be very demanding with the people with whom you could rebuild society.

Unfortunately, the production was canceled before its fourth season, but it is certainly a very good series to watch, especially during an actual pandemic.

#3 Dark

For many, it is one of the most confusing and even disturbing series on Netflix, but the reality is that it mixes time travel with an apocalyptic world very well.

In a small German town, mysterious disappearances of children begin to occur, which seem to be related to the history of the place.

A nuclear power plant is literally turned into a time bomb, but the mystery seems like it is only about to begin.

#4 See

In the very distant future, humanity lost the ability to see due to the scourge of disease. That cruel reality changes a bit when extraordinary twins are born with the gift of sight.

see serie post apocaliptica jason momoa
Apple TV+

The babies’ father, Baba Voss (Jason Momoa), along with the leader of the tribe, must protect the newborns and the rest of his people from an evil queen.

#5 Sweet Tooth

Netflix surprised its users with Sweet Tooth, a series inspired by the DC comics of the same name and that tells a story developed in a world devastated by a dangerous disease.

Just after the epidemic the hybrids were born, which are humans with the appearance of animals.

Gus is one of them, and after the loss of his father he decides to leave his home to look for the rest of his family, even if that means putting his life in danger.

#6 The Man in the High Castle

This series is the answer to the question “What would have happened if the Nazis won World War II?”

In this world, it was Germany that managed to seize the first atomic bomb, and with that powerful weapon it achieved the unconditional surrender of the United States.

Almost 20 years later, Germany and Japan divide dominance from the United States, but Hitler’s weak health causes tensions between former allies, perhaps leading to a new war.

Furthermore, a mysterious videotape promises to bring down the system the world is in for good, if it falls into the right hands.

#7 The Rain

The Rain combines current environmental concerns with a deadly pandemic.

Instead of acid rain, a Scandinavian town is affected by a virus that is transmitted by drops, and everything indicates that a corporation is to blame for everything.

Two brothers are hidden for six years in a shelter, and when they leave their plan was to find their scientist father, however their family bond is put to the test when they end up on opposite sides.

Do you know other series of alternate realities and post-apocalyptic worlds? Share them in the comments.

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