August 3, 2021

The legendary PeeWee label! reborn

With her grace, her prizes and her humor, the pianist Sophia Domancich was able to have a successful career. Double first prize of the National Conservatory (chamber music and piano), first woman to be celebrated later by the Django Reinhardt prize, Sophia Domancich knew very early « leave the ordinary road » (Choderlos de Laclos).

From Steve Lacy, Bernard Lubat, Jean-Louis Chautemps and Laurent Cugny, to Didier Levallet, Joëlle Léandre, Paul Rogers and Simon Goubert, her meetings plead for her. She publishes a wonderful solo album, The big day, the twelfth under his name. An enchanted, demanding walk with striking articulation. Meditative drift, coiled in the great art of slowness and suggested melodies, suddenly bursting with lightning … Django at The Bird of the Planets, Ghosts and Stumbling

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The big day marks and symbolizes the rebirth of a legendary label, PeeWee !. An independent label, founded in 1995 by Vincent Mahey and François Yvernat, put on hold in 2000. Symbolic all the more powerful than PeeWee! at the same time publishes the Cameroonian poet Francis Bebey (1929-2001) and a hallucinating album of the Zarboth Band: Grand Barnum All Bloom

Scrupulous craftsmen

PeeWee! is the strange mathematical result of the paths of Vincent Mahey, the shy, and François Yvernat, the discreet. Their recording studio, Sextan, in Malakoff (Hauts-de-Seine), is one of the rallying points for musicians and poets who have fallen from the stars. Pleasant, hospitable, over-equipped and guaranteeing impeccable know-how.

Mahey and Yvernat are the very scrupulous craftsmen. They have a story. Giant with an immense smile, Vincent Mahey began in Grenoble as a flautist (“Poor”, he says) and saxophonist (“Modest”). Fortunately, he recorded with a small training, at 16, in 1979. And there, turn on the wing. In the studio, those who fascinate him are the sound engineers. A guy leaves him the keys to a small studio in Grenoble. A free station of Communist obedience engages him in Saint-Martin-d’Hères (Isère). One of the great players in the life of jazz in Grenoble, Jacques Panisset, trains his taste and his knowledge.

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The father sends him to Los Angeles: “I instantly realize that I was in the wrong city. This is not where I learned the trade. I nevertheless went to all the studios I could and made historical encounters (Bernie Kirsh, the historical engineer of Chick Corea), but I learned on the job. In a very traditional way, very companionship »

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