August 2, 2021

The strange phenomenon of Hollywood “twin movies”

  • Steven McIntosh
  • BBC Entertainment Journalist

Image source, Paramount/Millennium Films


“Hercules” and “The Legend of Hercules” are examples of the films called “twins”.

Sometimes a story is so good that you have to tell it twice.

This seems to be particularly true in Hollywood, whose history is littered with examples of “twin movies”: two productions that not only they are on the same topic, but sometimes they are released almost at the same time.

“An Extraordinary Journey” hit the charts in February. Starring Colin Firth, it is about the adventure of Donald Crowhurst, a boater who joined an expedition to travel the world in 1968.

The story was so special that two different directors, James Marsh y Simon RumleyThey thought it was worth making a movie, each one on their own.