August 2, 2021

thirty-one cases of the Delta variant confirmed in the Landes and about twenty other potentials, according to the ARS

Twenty-nine additional cases of the Indian variant, renamed “Delta” according to the new nomenclature adopted by the World Health Organization, have been identified in the Landes, as announced in a press release from the Regional Health Agency ( ARS) and the prefecture on Friday June 4. On Wednesday, these two organizations revealed the existence of the first two cases in a family in this department.

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To these thirty-one proven cases, the ARS also adds one “Twenty others”, based on an estimate. According to the agency, “The positive cases for Covid-19 did not all give rise to [une] use of the sequencing method [qui] allows to identify the variant “ Delta.

This fifty cases can be “Grouped within about fifteen sources of contamination”, especially family, explains the ARS, “Subject to the results of investigations still in progress to cross-reference the data and trace the chains of contamination”. The thirty-one proven cases concern six communities of municipalities, adds the agency in its press release, published Friday evening.

A variant not very present in France

Health authorities announced Wednesday that the Delta variant, still not very present in the territory, had been spotted in a family in the agglomeration of Dax without it having been linked to India or the United Kingdom. Screening and sequencing operations were thus reinforced.

The government had also expressed concern about the increase in the prevalence of Covid-19 in part of the country, in particular in Occitanie and New Aquitaine (of which the Landes are part).

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According to the ARS, the “Epidemiological situation is unfavorable” in this department, which has an incidence rate of 95.6 per 100,000 inhabitants – a rate “Higher than the national rate”, and increasing “By 35% in less than three weeks”. If 43.6% of Landais received a first dose of vaccine, according to the press release, the prefecture and the ARS however call on the population to “Maintain barrier gestures”, and explain that “The limitation of groups to ten people on the public highway is still in force”.

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