August 1, 2021

This is how Lady Gaga looked at Joe Biden’s protest ceremony

Singer Lady Gaga surprised the world today during the protest ceremony of the 46th President of USA, Joe Biden, because his arrival to sing the United States’ national anthem He captured the attention of the press and those present due to his outfit.

Lady Gaga appeared in a coordinate haute couture in a wide red silk skirt and a blue navy jacket from cashmere, designed by Daniel Roseberry, artistic director of the Schiaparelli house, famous for dressing other eccentric celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Foto: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images.

Always true to her style and beyond latex dresses, Lady Gaga opted this time for a vision ‘diplomatic’ and symbolic, which he complemented with a golden dove brooch as a representation of peace. Symbols that also carried Joe Biden and the vicepresidenta Kamala Harris.

Also, Lady Gaga he put aside his quirky hats and wigs to create a braided crown with a black ribbon that matches her outfit. Also, her simple makeup revealed her great emotion to be part of this ceremony.

Lady Gaga dress Joe Biden anthem
Foto: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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Since his arrival at Washington D.C., Lady Gaga has displayed her good taste for fashion, because the night before the event, he hung up on his Instagram a photo inside the capitol with a message calling for peace.

Lady Gaga wore a white outfit crowned by a white cape designed by Matthew Williams de Givenchy.

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Although there have been several celebrities who have had the opportunity to sing The Star-Spangled Banner, name of the American national anthem, this time it is a special event, not only for the history of that country, but also for Lady Gagabecause she always showed herself supporter of the now Democratic president.

In addition, this political event will also serve as a spearhead to target the celebrities and politicians of the world to the house Schiaparelli, who will undoubtedly become a trend in the coming years.

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