August 1, 2021

Will they still stand? Andrew Lincoln talked about the Rick Grimes movies

After confirming that season eleven will be the last of ‘The Walking Dead’, The feature films that are being planned to be made about the series once again took on great relevance, which is why fans are eager to know what is happening with these projects, so Andrew Lincoln broke the silence and spoke about the Rick Grimes films .

After a helicopter took Rick Grimes away to save his life, little or nothing is known about the character, So the films will be in charge of explaining what happened behind this event, however, they have been in production for a long time, so a rumor has arisen long ago that they had been canceled, something that has already been denied.

Some time ago, David Alpert, producer of the Rick Grames films, anticipated that they were, “reaching big”, So they were only waiting for the pandemic to recede a bit to resume the recordings of feature films, however, time keeps passing and a new update has not been revealed, reason why the fans begin to fret.

Fortunately, Andrew Lincoln, spoke about the project while virtually promoting his next work, Panguin Bloom, so he counted for Collider, the experience he had with a TWD fan when he was in England, which showed that films are still in development.

I saw this guy, and he looked up, and I knew he recognized me. I didn’t have a hat, I was just in a wetsuit, and I was with my son. I was like, ‘ah, here we go’. It was for the best, he came over, saw that I was with my son and walked past me, I thought, ‘Oh, maybe I don’t know. All I heard was, ‘Come back, Rick. It was so moving, I turned around and said: ‘We are working on it’. So that’s my answer to you, we are working on it“Said the actor.

That is how Andrew Lincoln talked about the Rick Grimes movies and confirmed that these are still in development, so fans will have to be patient and wait a little longer, since it is likely that with the delays and the end of the series, the feature films will arrive until 2023.