August 3, 2021

With a sheet Jennifer Lopez covers her exquisite figure!

For the singer and actress Coming from the well-known neighborhood of the Bronxs Jennifer Lopez it was really easy to cause some sighs to her fans, because she covered her skin using only a white sheet.

Despite Jennifer Lopez She is originally from the United States, has Puerto Rican descent, as well as other celebrities such as Noelia, Chayanne, Daddy Yankee and Ricky Martin, including her ex-husband and father of her two children Marc Anthony.

A little over a year ago on Twitter, a photograph of the singer and interpreter of “Ramona” in the movie “Hustlers” was published, in which she appears seated on a table, with natural makeup and on her figure she only wore a sheet that covered her curves to perfection.

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JLo She is covering her parts with one hand, holding part of the sheet, in addition to her curvy figure, something that also catches the attention of the beautiful Hollywood actress was a necklace that seems to be made of gold, the chain is simple, what was striking was the I said I was wearing.

The image in which we see Jennifer is focused only on her as is customary in each of her snapshots, in the background as scenery we see some sculptures one of them seems to be the famous Venus de Milo, which we can find in the Louvre museum in France.

A comparison could be made with these sculptures and the also sculptural figure of Jennifer Lopez, which to date has no comparison, specifically her later charms have become an icon of the beauty and curves that every woman would like to have naturally. .

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Of course, there are two ways to reach them, aesthetic arrangement or the exercise, which is precisely what the interpreter “On The Floor“It is what he practices on a daily basis, not only in the gym but also in dance and table dance, the last routine he opted for after his leading role in”Hustlers“next to Cardi B.


This photo was shared on February 17, 2020, on a Twitter account where celebrity news and more are shared.

Surprisingly, the model, businesswoman, actress, dancer and singer Jennifer Lopez has reached 160 million followers on her Instagram account, unlike Twitter which is a little less, we are talking about 44.9 million respectively, even so it is an amount of which not everyone can boast.

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In her Twitter account she joined precisely in 2009, this microblogging service was launched in 2006 and Instagram was launched in 2010, the singer has more than 3 thousand publications in the application of which most of them are in which He appears promoting his projects and products that he has launched on the market.

For a few months now, the beautiful celebrity and diva from the Bronxs has remained among the headlines of the tabloids, not only for her artistic career which she celebrates at every opportunity, but rather for her private life and specifically her love life.

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As you well know, after 4 years of relationship, both she and the former player Álex Rodríguez decided to end their engagement, surprisingly after a few days we began to see her next to one of her ex-partners and of which it is their moment they were together a super couple, we are speaking of fellow actor Ben Aflleck.

At the very moment when they began to see more and more together, the confirmation of their reconciliation became more evident, especially since they recently saw them together in a restaurant giving each other tokens of love and in the company of Max and Emme, the singer’s twins. .