August 3, 2021

With Clara Luciani, at “Heart” beating nothing impossible

The evidence with which Heart, Clara Luciani’s second album, unveils its collection of hits, without really being a surprise. Since 2017, year of his first discographic attempt (the EP Love monster), the young singer indeed patiently, but irresistibly, traces a path that today makes her rub shoulders with the summits of French pop.

Takeoff was not immediate. No doubt because his first album, Sainte-Victoire (2018), claimed rock and song references – Paul McCartney, Françoise Hardy, Nico, William Sheller… – a little neglected by high school lessons or the radios. In comparison, the urban malice of brol, Angèle’s first album, released the same year, more quickly panicked consumers of “streams”.

However, like the young Belgian, three years younger, mocking sexism with Balance your what, Clara Luciani vibrated with emotions in tune with her time. Written before the Weinstein scandal, her feminist title The grenade was unhinged in time to become one of the anthems of the #metoo movement and gradually give away – the single will reach number one downloads in June 2019, more than a year after entering this ranking – better visibility at a first opus rich in many assets.

Pop melodies and groove

Convinced also by stage appearances demonstrating what the elegant woman with the deep and melancholy voice could radiate with energy and humor, public and critics gradually recognized her melodic effectiveness and a taste for pop grooves (La Baie, its francophone cover of The Bay, from Metronomy) enhanced by its collaborations with machine specialists such as Benjamin Lebeau (from The Shoes) or Yuksek. Two Victoires de la musique – stage revelation, in 2019; female artist of the year, in 2020 – testified to the stages of this construction.

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A rise in power which was signaled in the wake of new titles – Naked, My sister, included in the reissues of Sainte-Victoire – whose funky glow and euphoric energy heralded the new beats of Heart. Like a surfer who took the time to lead his board facing the rollers, before spinning on the crest of the wave, the Marseillaise seems unstoppable.

We could not imagine better timing for the release of an album radiating so many amorous and summer vibrations. After months of isolation and anguish under Covid-19, most of the songs dance to the rhythm of post-containment lightness. Like the refrain of the ultra-lively Breathe again : “It has to move / It has to tremble / It has to breathe again / In the brothel of the bars at night / Sloppy in the dark / We will have to learn to drink again / We will have to breathe again. “

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